Weekly Club

Weekly Club
Great fun while learning!

Xavier thoroughly enjoyed Saturday afternoons ar Designer minds. Creating new things every week in a fun environment, will definitely be signing him up again!

Paddy really enjoys designer minds and is excited to go each week.

Maria is always excited for the next Saturday as every weekend something different and exciting is presented to the students

He loves everything about designer minds and loves getting up early on a Saturday morning to go in,he loves all the information he comes home with every wk and practices at home,he has made friends and gets on great with staff members

Leon loves coming here every week, he has the best time

The classes are great, my daughter now wants to be an engineer to build toys. She especially loved Lego Technic and the fact that she could build her own devices. Like the battery spider. The only one thing I miss as a parent is more direct information after the classes. Some kind of summary of what has been done, some pictures of a child etc. Because it is difficult to get proper information from directly from a child. And it would be great if the classes were a bit longer. That is what my child is saying. Thank you :)

Different and very diverse activities ,should be a part of primary school cycle .

My son loved going to Steam class every Saturday, he enjoyed that there is a new topic each week and was excited to show us what had done each week in class. Well done to all those involved! It is a great club for kids to meet each other and enjoy Steam subjects in a fun and enthusiastic way.

My boys had a great time at the club, they are very excited for next term

My son thoroughly enjoyed the club and was always excited to see what would come next! It further developed his creative side and his fascination for all things science and tech. Our expectations were certainly exceeded!

I liked the roller coaster, it was cool
Jamie :)

Mark absolutely loves the designer minds camp every Saturday morning in Mary I. His only complaint…the sessions are too short! He would have stayed for the next session without hesitation. Such a fantastic camp, he learned so much, made new friends & can’t wait to return. Thanks Designer Minds.

Brilliant, fun and educational

Tommy enjoyed his time at Designer minds. His confidence grew as the weeks went out. He learnt so much from his time here. Ye created a safe and fun environment ??
Thank you Designer Minds.

My son (7) loved going to Designer Minds every week and always came out happy and excited to tell me what he had done!

My boy loved his Designer Minds classes, it was lovely to pick him up and he would be so excited to tell be what he had been doing!

The clubs are great for explorative play, building friendships and encouraging inquisitive minds. My daughter loves Saturday mornings and designer minds clubs

Mark enjoyed every Saturday morning and is really looking forward to starting back in February
Joanne, Ballincollig

My daughter enjoyed every minute spent at Designer Minds. She is delighted with the projects and the ways in which they have been implemented and would like to continue.
Ana, Midleton

It was good and fun.
Jamie, Kilkishen

Designer Minds club was recommended to us by friends and so Eoghan enrolled in October. We in turn recommended it to our neighbours. The boys have really enjoyed developing their creativity with Lego and clay as well as discovering new skills with programming and rocket building. Eoghan will certainly return for another term at the end of February. Thank you to all the organisers and staff. Gabrielle
Gabrielle, Ennis

Cooper really enjoyed the variety and couldn't wait for each week to come around!
Eoghan, Ballincollig

My daughter was thrilled to be a part of the designer minds camp. She looked forward to it every Saturday without fail. She said, 'there's an activity for every type of kid. I like that you have the option to work with other kids or by yourself. All the activities were gender nuetral and you know so much by the end. The learning is included with fun so you don't even know its happening!'
Moureen, Tulla

Jack loved every minute and can’t wait to return each week
Gillian, Ballincollig

Very good for highlighting the uses of scientific and technological subject matter that taps into the kids nurtureous mind, thank you designer minds.
Stuart, Limerick

Manoj loved his first term at designer minds and he will really miss you during the holidays. He always came home from the sessions full of energy and enthusiasm for the latest fun and educational activity that he had done.
Madhu, Midleton

My daughter looked forward to every single week and was never disappointed.
Davina, Ballincollig

Asked to my 8- years old- would you like to continue going to Designer minds for the next term. The answer was- of course, forever!
Explains everyrhing, how much he enjoyed!
Liene, Rochestown

Fantastic course. My son loved it and bursting with excitement to start term 2

It is fun and educational and great to meet new people victor
Victor, Limerick

Absolutely fantastic and engaging. My son looks forward to the class every week.
Aisling, Ennis

My kids love Designing Minds because they have a chance to try variety of different subjects. They always looking forward to this classes. Staff is patient and kind.
Sean and Lily
Martyna, Rochestown

My daughter loved everything about Designer Minds Science Club. She enjoyed all the interactive experiments and activities, plus she made lovely friends that she was delighted to catch up with every weekend. It was fun, encouraging, well run and thoroughly fantastic.
Orlagh, Tipperary

My sister Olivia has really enjoyed her first term with Designer Minds. Every evening she would come home excited about the new things she learned. The kids make new friends whilst working in teams, they learn new scientific facts and it's all done in a fun and educational way. An absolutely fantastic club.

3 of our 4 children have attended Designer Minds and have recommended it to their cousins and friends, who now also enjoy the clubs. They really look forward to it each week.
Catherine, Fermoy

Really engaging content, challenging classes and above all great fun
Gordon, Newbridge

Wonderful, fun, educational club!! My eldest has done 4 terms and brought his little brother for the last term! They both absolutely adore it and have learned so much! I just wish it existed when I was young!!
Jilly, Limerick

Mia loves this class and the leaders are excellent.
Niamh, Bandon

Great socializing ,fun things which are advanced !Some stuff to take home. Developing creative thinking.Cant wait to see friends in New Year !!!
Martins, Limerick

My son absolutely loved designer minds. He skipped out the door every Saturday to get back to you.
Kim, Dollymount

Mattia really love designer mind and every Monday morning he wakes up already super excited because in the afternoon he will have the chance to learn amazing things and meet all is friends.
We couldn't choose a better after school activity for him
Connie, Kildare

Jonathan has tried many activites and would look to give them up after a few weeks but with Designer Minds he is a new child, he cant wait till Tuesday when his class is on and is always asking if the email is in for the following weeks class. He just loves it and its great for me to have found an activity he really enjoys.
Margaret, Wicklow

My 9 year old loved Designer Minds club and the different themes each week especially the coding workshops.
Therese, Celbridge

Alexander never wanted to miss a Monday afternoon with Designer Minds and he learned loads, making lovely new friends along the way.
Lisa, Tralee

Samuel had a great time every week in designer minds in tallaght and is looking forward to the spring term. Samuel has autism and we obviously worried how he would settle in the environment but he has thrived each week in no small part feom the great leaders inspiring him and the other children each week. I would highly recommend any child with an interest in STEM activities to give it a try.
Liam, Tallaght

Daniel really enjoyed the challenges and he spoke about what he did each week until he returned the following week and done something different. His mind was always thinking on what he had learned
Leona, Knocklyon

Daniel really enjoyed the challenges and he spoke about what he did each week until he returned the following week and done something different. His mind was always thinking on what he had learned
Leona, Knocklyon

Brilliant course my daughter loved going every week
Margaret, Listowel

Melissa and Darragh look forward to Deisgner minds every week. They love learning new things and they have learnt so much. The material that is sent before the class is very useful as well and I enjoy reading it too.
Sandra, Tallaght

Alex looks forward to designer minds week after week and the excitement of learning something new every week in a fun environment.
Sinead, Listowel

Such a wonderful club, my son absolutely loves designer minds, so much so that he received the squishy anatomy body for Christmas this year, I love that he's exposed to subjects that he wouldn't necessarily learn about in school.
Laura, Swords

Great after school club. My son loves it and he is making a lot of new friends that shares his own interest.
Selena, Donnycarney

Christian really enjoys his time in designer minds he's learning alot of new things in a fun and exciting way
Chloe, Ballincollig

Chloe enjoys the hands on practical activities that she completes in Designer Minds clubs particularly the engineering projects pulleys etc. The staff are very friendly and accommodating.
Mary, Ennis

You can make amazing stuff, they learn a lot, and it is a amazing way to spend time.
Catherine, Tralee

My daughter loves going each week and looks forward to reading about what new activity is on. Great building blocks for future sciencists
Geraldine, Limerick

my son really enjoys the weekly club. looks forward to going back every week.
Eva, Fermoy

Both my sons have enjoyed designer minds. They both ran in full of enthusiasm and came out very excited about what they did. Keep up the fantastic work.

Eileen really enjoyed going to Designer minds each Saturday morning.The staff were very helpful and friendly.Eileen will definitely come back for another term.
Edel, Limerick

Ethan absolutely loves designer minds. This is his 3rd term and he has learned something new every week. Its educational along with being fun and exciting. I dont think he will ever get bored of it. Keep up the amazing work Designer Minds..
Barbara, Ennis

My son has been attending designer minds for about 2 years now. He loves going, every Saturday he gets in the car excited to tell us all about what he has learnt. I would highly recommend this club for any child who shows and interest in STEM.
Mother of 8 year old boy, Shannon

Hugo absolutely loved his time at designer minds and came home every week with new idea, concepts and best of all confidence. Thanks to all the fantastic helpers there!!
Aisling, Midleton

My daughter Charley enjoyed her designer minds classes last term so much she insisted i sign her up again for the next term. She cant wait to start at end of January.
Carol, Ballincollig

My son attends already second year and says that he will continue until the 6th class:) He loves it and finds interesting.
Anna, Shannon

It opens up a child’s mind to how things work and what’s behind so many things we use day to day and its really a fantastic learning experience for them
Jennifer, Killiney

My son loved the classes every week and learnt something new each night. They were well organised and good fun. He now knows a bit more about science thank you. Looking forward to the spring term now.
Maire, Killarney

Great club!!
Maja, Bandon

This is Charlie's second year doing designer minds & he says its even better & more fun than last year, 3:45 cant come soon enough for him on a Tuesday he just loves it
Lisa, Lucan

my son love the club everyweek
LAN, Swords

Ríseal’s favourite part of any week is the Designer Minds club on Wednesday. What she’s learning in the clubs is incredible from coding to developing her interest in engineering & maths - and all taught in a fun way using tools she wouldn’t have access to anywhere else.
Ruth, Killiney

My 3 children attend classes every week and they really enjoy them. As a primary school teacher myself, I realise that they are not covering in depth Stem subjects at school due to lack of resources, time constraints etc, so I am delighted they are getting such a wonderful opportunity to do so through the Designer Minds Clubs. The classes are innovative, interactive and most importantly fun!!
Emer, Limerick

My daughter Sophie 11 really loved Designer Minds,
It really brought out her confidence and she loved the different challenges every week, so much so that she can't wait to go again, thanks to everyone at Designer Minds.
Aishlinn, Malahide

As a Mum of a very sporty son, Designer Minds gave him a fantastic opportunity to engage and develop another part of his skill set and set himself different challenges.
Noelle, Midleton

My Son really enjoyed Designer minds. Super team, super activities and great value. He can't wait for the next term.
Carmel, Blessington

My son got to explore and enjoy the robotics and coding of science which can sometimes be missed in the overloaded school curriculum.
Aoife, Terenure

Very nice time and feed his curiosity with lots of ideas and learning.
Glendy, Rochestown

My little boy really enjoyed Designer Minds. Every week there was a different topic. He found it very interesting.
Sheona, Knocklyon

Best ever talks about it non stop favourite camp ever
Mark, Lucan

My son gets so much from designer Minds. He leaves each session with a huge smile on his face.
Jason, Tralee

Both my boys thoroughly enjoyed their time at designer minds. They learnt loads and were very enthusiastic once the class finished. They have asked to return again this year so ?for them!
Margo, Ballincollig

My daughter tried the summer course in wicklow and couldn't wait to go again. So we signed up for the after school program in Arklow. She loved all the lessons and the teachers. And was disappointed when she was sick and couldn't go. I would really recommend this course.
Corina, Arklow

Tom really loved this term. He got so much out of it. He really enjoys going.
Kathy, Cobh

It opens up a child’s mind to how things work and what’s behind so many things we use day to day and its really a fantastic learning experience for them
Jennifer, Killiney

I absolutely love Science Design & Technology after school club!! My daughter loves her teachers and loves the projects! Thanks for the opportunity
Marta, Blackrock

My son (8.5 - 3rd class) absolutely loved it. He is so into electronics, coding, lego and design. The club really tailors it to the current content for the kids and included modern themes they love like Minecraft and music. He will definitely attend again.
Stacey, Killarney

If your child is interested in maths, science, coding this is one club I have no hesitation in recommending.
Shane, Bandon

The most extraordinary, value for money , fun , exciting and innovative clubs I have ever seen. My daughter attends every after school every year and loves it more every time. Building a contious future generation and enspiring them to open their eyes to what they can achieve!
Angela, Midleton

My 11 year old son completed a term with Designer Minds after school clubs. He really loved going each week though he was a bit hesitant at the start as he did not know anybody else attending. The leaders were so helpful and friendly and he settled in immediately. He made new friends and loved the variety each week and particularly liked learning about coding. He will definitely attend again.
Yvonne, Midleton

Designer Minds after-school clubs are great in stimulating topics of interest that they might otherwise not cover in school and in a hands-on fun way. We find it very rewarding to go through the material (which is excellently put together) with our children a few days before the club. As a family we learn together. The kids are lucky enough to then attend the club and put into practice what they've read about and discussed. They are always excited to go, always come out with smiles and full of new information to share or something to show us. We've always said we would not push our agenda, but follow the children's lead in their learning. They love Designer Minds and it's never a question whether they would like to sign up for the next one or not. Resounding YES's from this family :)
Céline, Wicklow

We were delighted to see such an opportunity in our area. Our daughter thoroughly enjoyed the hour each week and it's great that they are provided with some preparatory work; some invaluable bonding time and also gives confidence in having some knowledge what is happening in the following lesson. She's already booked in for the next tern.
Lorraine, Arklow

My son really loved designer minds. He looked forward to it every week. It’s nice for them to have an interest other than sport that’s both fun and creative. Hoping he’ll get into the next term as he’s on the waiting list.
Mimi, Carrigaline

Fantastic club, great ideas, really gets them thinking scientifically. Loves going and looks forward to it each week
Jeanette, Terenure

My daughter looks forward to Designer minds every Saturday morning. Each class gives her hands-on opportunities to explore, tinker, design, create and HAVE FUN. With a new stem project each week she is guided through a new process. The teachers are terrific. It is inspiring and powerful teaching her so many new skills.
Sue, Donnycarney

Emily loved her time at designer minds and immediately wanted to sign up for summer camps. She especially loved the slime week and the light up Christmas card that she made, and I loved hearing her talk about electrical circuits and coding, and just using words she probably didn't know previous.
Edel, Kildare

my 11 year old son loves going to Designer minds ashe has loved every week of it. He isn't into sports and finding an after school class to really suit him has been difficult It is the only after school that he has consistently loved to go to. All the leaders are very helpful and friendly . We would highly recommend
Alison, Wicklow

Its given my daughter a lot of confidence
Jacqueline, Carrigaline

Joshua reluctantly went along to the 1st Designer Minds class in Blessington. He skipped out & couldn’t wait to go back the following week. The variety of activities, kept a child who can’t sit still , very interested. He’s asking when the next term starts. Great insight for primary kids into Science & Technology.
Lynda, Blessington

Daniel really enjoyed going to Designer Minds. The classes were fun and interesting and he always looked forward to going again the following week.
Maria, Carrigaline

My son (8) absolutely loved every activity at Designer Minds. He looked forward to it each week and came home delighted with what he had learned. I would highly recommend this club!!
Emma, Greystones

My daughter loved the weekly sessions and cant wait to begin the next set of classes
Pauline, Midleton

Alex really enjoyed the term at Designer Minds Blackrock. Tutors very engaged and new diverse topics meant he wanted to go every week. Having his friend join him there was a big bonus too. We are on a waiting list for the next term and hope to get a place! Well done for creating a great STEAM club.
Olwen, Blackrock

Great to see your daughter learn new good things. Thanks
Sergiu, Midleton

Cael loved attending the classes each week, and wasn't bored once! He looked forward to each class, and couldn't stop talking about it after it finished.
Humphrey, Ballincollig

Killian looked foward to his class every week. He enjoyed the variety of topics covered.
Sinead, Blackrock

My eight year old loves the club and looks forward to going every Saturday. The notes we get in advance are brilliant. I’m even learning a lot myself !
Geraldine, Donnycarney

Clodagh loves going into class every week knowing that it’s a different topic to the previous week.
Elaine, Carrigaline

Diverse topics which my son thoroughly enjoyed. Will definitely do another term
Vivienne, Arklow

My son enjoyed this club so much! The different activities each week were so interesting and fun, he asked to go next term again
Gabriella, Lucan

My daughter really enjoyed learning new things in a different way without the pressure of school environment .
Parent, Lucan

My son loved attending Designer Minds - the variety of activities covered over the weeks was wonderful - especially the gorgeous Christmas card with Rudolph's lighting nose - circuits!
Anne, Ballinlough

Fantastic fun experiments that the kids love doing while stealthily learning biology, chemistry and IT skills. There is some prep for each class but this is really easy to cover by watching a few videos. Its the sort of modern learning that will probably be used in the official educational curriculum in years to come.
Sarah, Clontarf

My Daughter really enjoyed Designer Minds. It was her first term and looked forward to it every Tue. She did so many cool things that I wanted to go to it myself!!!
Louise, Wicklow

My son has been attended Designer Minds club for two weekly terms and a summer camp last year and loved it!
He asked to be signed up to the next term and is really looking forward to it. I would highly recommend it.
Jisuk, Shannon

Very interesting STEAM club for children with exciting projects week on week that have kept my son engaged throughout. He was always excited about going to the clubs and looked forward to each weekly briefing documentation and challenge. Highly recommended.
Simona, Naas

Every week is better than the last one. My son loves his designer minds class and was so sp disappointed to realise yesterday the term has not yet started back after Christmas. So that says it all. See ye again in two weeks time :)
Christine, Carrigaline

Tim really enjoys the varied weekly classes - truly engaging
Dara, Terenure

This is a fun and interactive way of introducing STEM to our kids ahead of secondary level education. My daughter will be going into 1st year in 2020 and she has decided to choose science as her optional subject now. Thanks designer minds.
Jenn, Ballincollig

My son loved the classes he would come home and teach the family what he had learned, can't wait for the next term
Caroline, Limerick

My Son had a great time at designer minds, it opened up lots of new experiences for him. It has expanded his knowledge on so many levels.
Ann, Bandon

My kids, 7 and 11 adore Designer Minds. Learning and creating through science,technology and maths so much fun. Highly recommend this club.
Margaret, Drimnagh

The boys really loved going each week to Designer minds and could wait until the next week
Alan, Midleton

Best afterschool class ever! Thank you.
Anna, Tralee

Ben wants to go back and join again. He had an amazing time and looked forward to it every week
Louise, Bray

My child loves the Designer Minds club & looks forward every week to going. He comes out with such excitement telling us about everything he learned that day. He is looking forward to his 3rd term.
Ann Marie, Midleton

Luke has loved this Class, it has opened his mind to so many different ideas.
Jenny, Blessington

Design Minds Camps provide a fun and innovative approach to understanding STEAM. My children love the camps and especially the fact that each week is a new topic. Highly recommend.
Suzanne, Knocklyon

This is my son's favourite activity of the week. Each week he comes out buzzing and ready to try everything he's learning at home!
Carol, Donnycarney

Scott loves it and learns so much each class!
Edel, Swords

My son still loves this club and is continues to learn new things each week.
Sylvia, Carrigaline

Erin absolutely loved designer minds, she doesn't really like sport and loves anything science or computer so it was absolutely perfect for her, we have signed her up for another term already!
Gary, Ballincollig

My girl thoroughly enjoyed her first term at Designer Minds. The content each week exceeded my expectations and the staff were excellent. She cannot wait for the next term
Sandra, Blessington

I cannot say enough good things about Designer minds Luke comes home so excited every week.
Anne, Cobh

Amira came out of every class with a smile on her face and just wouldn't stop talking about it on the way home. Gave me a headache ... but that's great. Signed up immediately for next term.
Dominic, Cobh

Ronan throughly enjoyed your autumn camp, I couldn't believe how much he learnt in 1 hour! Its fabulous for kids, just wish it was longer! 100% recommended
Ursula, Malahide

Every week Amelia would count down the days to Designer Minds. She was so excited going in every week and loved telling us ALL that she learned.
Fiona, Lucan

It was Aarons favourite time of the week. He absolutely loved each class. Thank you.
Fidelma, Newbridge

My daughter is very curious and always wants to know how things work. She loves science. She is always so excited to go to Designer Minds and meet other children like her and try out new things that she can then do at home as well.
Maria, Broadford

My son looked forward to the classes every week and different subjects covered ..making learning fun is the key to success .
Una, Castleknock

Our 7 year old loved designer minds - the team were fantastic and we loved getting the emails with what was on next week every Sunday.
Aine, Ballincollig

Great course with something different each week that kept my child interested in going each week. Also the flexibility of the leaders to allow children with difficulties to do what they needed to enjoy the course. Highly recommended for all children.
Jennifer, Blessington

My son loved his first term at designer minds so much so he has asked to go back we are delighted with the club well done to all involved
Joanne, Shannon

My son told me it is the best club he has ever gone to. He looks forward to it each week and is excited to tell me all about the fun things he makes at the club.
Sibéal, Limerick

Conor loves going to Designer Minds up early every Saturday waiting to go. Always enjoys class teacher and making great friends. Defintely will be back next year.
Janette, Limerick

After years of mediocre afterschool science classes Designer Minds was like a breathe of fresh air. Every week was new and exciting and being able to prepare with the Saturday homework email lead to great family discussions. My daughter is already signed up for January!
Bronwen, Bray

It was hard to find something my son was interested in, when Designer minds came up, i signed up straight away, he was unsure the first week but from then on he could not wait to go back each week,its all he talked about, I haven't seen him this interested in anything before. It was a win win situation for us both. He asked to be signed up to the next term and is really looking forward to it.
Sinead, Limerick

My son loved going every week. He loved learning new things. It was fun . He can’t wait for the next one started in January
Geraldine, Cobh

Fantastic activity, my kids leave every session full of excitement about what they have learned or built.
Shane, Limerick

Callum loved Designer minds and looked forward to going every week
Louise, Glanmire

it was fun because we got to mess around with computers and we got to work on our own
Penny, Dollymount

Great variety of topics covered keeps the children interested and it's fun.
Niamh, Blessington

It was my sons first time attending Designer Minds this term. He enjoyed every single club and couldn’t wait to go every week!
Brona, Rochestown

My son really look forward to his class every week and really to for to receiving his email to what he will be doing
Jennifer, Killiney

My son Jay has been attending Designer Minds over the past year and he absolutely loves it ! He looks forward to it every week .The different subjects and experiments each week keep him interested.
Amanda, Midleton

Our son LOVED his term with Designer Minds so much that he was adamant we book him in for the next term ASAP. He touched on subjects such as augmented reality, music technology, architecture and anatomy and came away from every single class smiling. He loves science and is an extremely curious child by nature, and out of all of the after-school activities he has ever attended I can honestly say that Designer Minds is his favourite. In his own words “they just get me”. Thanks guys.
Robert & Lynda, Naas

Jack just completed his first term of Designer Minds and he loved every single week. There was a wonderful variety of activities, some in areas that he had never had the chance to delve into. It is taught in a way that makes Science and Technology fun and is very well organised and co-ordinated.
Emily, Blessington

My daughter really enjoyed her designer minds club.. she loved the variety each week and socially working in different sized groups
Debbie, Midleton

The excitement when we read what she was going to learn on the saturday she loved the music class above all making music on the tablet.
Anne Marie, Limerick

My child just finished his first term in DM. He absolutely loves it.. the content they learn is amazing and the email that gets sent out on a Saturday to prep them for the following week keeps them interested and excited. He's really looking forward to next term.
Nicola, Naas

My son Ben loved going to Designer Minds every week! There was such a variety of content covered! The team were so well prepared and very welcoming!
Amy, Limerick

Charlie really enjoyed his designer minds club this term. Lots of variety and always positive when he comes out of the class. Looking forward to next term.
Damaris, Tallaght

My son absolutely loved this club. He is so inquisitive of everything.
How to build things, how they work, to the point of learning how by carrying out his own projects at home. I have booked him in again. His increasing knowledge to figure out all these things is a great interest and fascination for him.
Karen, Shannon

My boys loved going to designer minds every week and it’s great sending them to an activity that you know will challenge them and help them develop an interest and understanding of technology in everyday life
Corina, Knocklyon

My 7 year son really enjoyed the experience he is not into sports so this really suited him. The girls that run the club are great and he has also made some friends.
Patsy, Tralee

This is Sebastian’s favourite after school class by far. He has been learning so much that wow’s people every time he talks about what he has been doing. He loves the teachers and is a great way to socialised and to learn to work in teams and respect different ideas and opinions.
Tamara, Glanmire

My daughter loves going to her Designer Minds class every week and knowing each week she will be doing something new, her interest in how things work and the science behind things is now huge she really enjoys every aspect of Desginer Minds, and looks for word to going to her next term in January.
Rebecca, Tralee

My twin boys throughly enjoyed learning at designer minds. Education with fun what a good way to learn
Hilary, Blackrock

Josh has thoroughly enjoyed and looked forward to each class. This is his second term and he’s already signed up for the next one.
Michelle, Rathfarnham

My child enjoyed his first science experiences at Designer's mind.We are glad to find such a place where children can explore latest science in a fun activity packed way.
Aya, Terenure

AnnaKate has been enjoying Designer Minds for the last 2 years (term time not camps) and it is always new and intriguing
Ann-Marie, Killarney

There’s not one week Emerson hasn’t come back from Designer Minds without a smile on his face! He has loved every week and runs out the door. The weekly tasks are very well thought out and they enjoy every moment!
Thanks so much! He cannot wait for next term!
Andrea, Greystones

Engaging, clever, diversified, suitable for different ages and entertaining. Kids love it and ,as a parent, I'm delighted to see them having fun while learning.
Kate, Fermoy

Fabulous to find an activity that stimulates my daughters brain and imagination in an age appropriate fun way! She’s 9 and wants to be an engineer when she grows up (only since joining the club!!)
Amy, Midleton

My 9 year old son loves Designer Minds and is always excited to see what's in the weekly email so he can learn about what new activities and experiments they will be doing each week.
Ronan, Terenure

Can definitely recommend. My son really enjoys the classes each week. They are well run and interesting for children.
Sarah, Blackrock

Senan is almost 8, not a sporty child, but is curious, addicted to reading, nature, maths, geography, science and art. Designer minds is a perfect club for him, he looks forward to it every week. Best money I have spent on an afterschool activity!
Julie, Ballincollig

Thank you to all the facilitators of such a positive learning experience. Our son was so impressed he has asked to reenrol in the new term and he is already looking forward to resuming the workshops. Professional welcome, diversity of content and visible enjoyment during the activities and in relaying content covered thereafter has reassured us that we made the right choice in enrolling. Keep up the great work and thank you for all the positivity invoked to date!
Niamh, Limerick

Couldn't recommend Designer Minds highly enough. My kids loved every class they attended. They learn different aspects of STEAM every week from learning about the human body to creating slime, to augmented reality, building robots and making electric circuits for their christmas card and so much more. The teachers are fantastic and most importantly the kids had so much fun learning and got to make loads new friends. Every child should be doing this. And il definitely continue to send my kids to Designer minds.
Caroline, Killarney

This has been the best after school activity we’ve come across. The equipment is top notch, the instructors are passionate, cool and really good at explaining things, making it fun and engaging the children. The weekly activity in preparation of the next class is excellent and I learnt a lot myself doing it! Overall we’re really happy with the quality of the course and enjoyment levels are super.
Fiona, Wicklow

My son absolutely loves Designer Minds. He joined Sept '19 and loves the different act every week and has made lots of new friends. I'm so glad I joined him up. Don't delay, join today!
Petrice, Cobh

Absolutely fantastic experience to learn things that will never be taught at home environment. Learning to work in team and as individuals is also essential part of it. It’s great to see kids coming from class happy and spark in the eyes.
Lolita, Limerick

Caoimhe loved designer minds, practical and fun introduction to concepts of science, technology and engineering. Hands on fun and learning.
Eleanor, Listowel

Would highly recommend designer minds for any little budding scientist or engineer. My 7 year old son did the summer camp and is now in the club and has covered so many different topics. Their instructors are fantastic and the equipment they use is 2nd to none! Looking forward to next term
Imelda, Malahide

My son loves Designer Minds . He looks forward to it all week . It teaches him so much in a really fun way !
Liam, Ennis

Luke loved the class, esp the slime making. He came home after class each evening and showed me what they were doing. He loves playing with lego and had been using his new found knowledge when playing. He is making his own christmas cards at the moment
Karen, Killarney

Absolutely loved taking part in all the different aspects of Designer minds. Cant wait until next term!
Joanne, Wicklow

My daughter, First Class, bounds in the door of Designer Minds each week and leaves with a huge smile on her face!
The classes are interesting, varied and challenging enough for her age. There is a strong emphasis on group and pair work, so as well as developing scientific skills , there is also a focus on social skills. It is a fantastic class and the weekly notes are excellent to get them prepared for the class ahead.
Sheena, Ennis

Fantastic club . My son thoroughly enjoyed going each week and had so much fun learning new things.
Orla, Ennis

Our 8yr old son has finished his first term of Designer Minds after one summer camp. He loved it that much that he has asked for another term - this is coming from a child that rejected 20 other after school activities :)
Karolina, Lusk

It was very good, he will be going back for a 3rd season.
Amy, Cobh

My son first attended the summer camp and on the back of enjoying that so much he went on to do the weekly classes and loved every one of them too. He got such a lot out of it, and it inspired him to try more creative ideas at home & school as a result, and he is wanting to keep going with the classes next term. He’s a shy child but he just loves it!
Ciara, Midleton

My daughter really enjoyed these classes and covered topics she wouldn't have been covering in school.
Niamh, Tallaght

My son's understanding, judgement and reasoning were improved drastically.
Maria, Lucan

Very well structured and great teamwork.
A lot of thought put into for each class
My son absolutely loved it.
MEENA, Ennis

It is fantastic. A really fun way to learn science. The e mails beforehand are also fantastic .
Josephine, Ennis

Emily looked forward to receiving her email every week and researching the lesson plan. She really enjoyed the course and projects.
Ruth, Cobh

As a parent of active, but not necessarily sporty, kids, I find Designer Minds sparks their minds and imagination while giving them practical, hands on experience. I'm so happy we have this club on our doorstep.
Gia, Shannon

Extremely positive atmosphere, science introduced in easy, child-friendly way. I liked the way kids had some notes on upcoming events so they could understand fully projects they worked on.
Agnieszka, Ennis

My son had a wonderful time at designer minds. He enjoyed the wide range of different topics every week. Would recommend this club for curious minds. Well done to the organisers and the leaders ye were fantastic.
Sandra, Glanmire

Plenty of variety and we looked forward to each week. Preparatory material provided was very well presented.
Brendan, Limerick

Sam looked forward to going to Designer Minds every week. The course content was very interesting each week & he gained so much understanding of how different things work.
Louise, Fermoy

Wonderful club. Interesting subjects and great hands on experiments. 2 boys ages 8 and 11. They really enjoyed it and learned so much about various STEM subjects
Eoin, Listowel

My son adored the club, can't wait for September so he can start back again. He learned so much and wld run into class with a big smile every week.
Caroline, Killarney

My child had a fantastic time and looked forward to the class every Monday evening. She had the opportunity to explore different concepts & ideas in a fun way.
Bindushree, Castleknock

Our son absolutely loves Designer Minds and has gained so much knowledge without even realising he is learning! He is super excited to be able to bring his little brother with him in September!!
Jilly, Limerick

My daughter loved this course it was very informative and taught with methods appealing and appropriate for a 10 year old.
Nicola, Ballincollig

Excellent club for kids. It promotes the development of thinking and problem solving and an awareness of how the world works. An excellent foundation in STEM
Rosemary, Killarney

Bryan loved the camp from the first day he went he loved the fact it was new and exciting every week. He is really looking forward to the summer camp and what exciting things they will see and do
Mags, Listowel

Rose left club each week full of chat about what they had done. I was very impressed to hear her explain about kinetic energy, momentum and inertia. She is already asking when will clubs start back!
Vicky, Swords

Lucas had a great time at the camp, he's still learning so he's not getting bored , he asks when is the next one because he can't wait for it
Noel, Shannon

They enjoyed learning about new things. Thry particularly enjoyed the experiments
Audrey, Santry

Great club! Every kid should do it! Well recommending it!
Maja, Clonakilty

Fantastic camp. My childs first one he loved it and cant wait to return next year. Very well run girls were lovely.
Roisin, Tralee

My son really enjoyed the club. He’s a very creative child and loved all aspects of the Designer Minds programme.
Sheila, Ennis

My son absolutely loved the club! He went in not knowing anyone but loves each & every session. My son can get quiet overwhelmed with change and in unstructured times. There was never an issue in Listowel because the two teachers were amazing. What helped the most was the topics that were emailed the week previous to prepare children what is coming. He has issues in the line in school at times but this wasn’t a problem because the teachers always put him first out of the session. The hour was very structured and every week he ran out the door at home to go to designer minds. Couldn’t recommend it highly enough because so inclusive. We will be back in September!!
Elaine, Listowel

Absolutely fantastic place for kids. Highly recommend
Magdalena, Ballinlough

Our son particularly loved building the robots and the various technology that is used throughout the course. I would highly recommend it.
Tara, Killarney

Our son particularly loved building the robots and the various technology that is used throughout the course. I would highly recommend it.
Tara, Killarney

My child loves these classes. They in-still a real interest in math, science and coding. They are relaxed informative and fun. Thanks you to all the team.
Louise, Cobh

Great ideas and lots of experiments.
Emilija, Fermoy

My son absolutely adores Designer Minds. He will go every day if he could!!!
Tamara, Glanmire

My 8 year old son had a great introduction to the world of coding, architecture, engineering to name but a few. A superb club.
Elaine, Lucan

Clodagh has now enjoyed 7 fantastic terms of designer minds, has learned loads and had her curiosity go in many new directions as a direct result. Could not recommend Designer Minds enough. Simply brillant !
Cora, Fermoy

My son loved every minute of designer minds. It challenged him every week to try something new and solve problems . It developed his maths skills as well as his creative side and I would highly recommend it to anyone.
Ruth, Glanmire

Fabulous learning experience with designer mind club for my son. It lights up his interest to science magically. Delighted.
JINGLI, Tallaght

My son loved going to his Designer Minds club and wouldn't miss a day for anything in the world! He enjoyed specially the activities that had to do with coding.
Nadia, Tallaght

Loved it
Elizabeth, Shannon

Fabulous learning experience with designer mind club for my son. It lights up his interest to science magically. Delighted.
JINGLI, Tallaght

John loved this club. Every week there was something different so he always looked forward to going in. He never minded going in on his own & he never felt excluded. He can't wait for the Summer Camp. ?
Jacqueline, Midleton

Very well organised and well presented allowing you opportunity to read up on the topic in advance. This material was always very enjoyable and child friendly
Fiona, Fermoy

The club was excellent, introducing a new topic each week. Even the areas that my child was already familiar with were made interesting and fun, he really enjoyed Designer Minds!
Anne, Celbridge

My son enjoyed every minute of it and counted down the sleeps until it was the designer minds day. Thanks!
Noreen, Donnycarney

My son loves the class and is always asking when the next one is on!
Orla, Castleknock

From the very first session he attended Ethan has been hooked. I've never seen him so enthusiastic and excited about anything before and after trying many different clubs it's great that he has found a club that is full of all the things he loves. He will really miss Designer minds over the summer but continues to use what he has learned at the club in his play at home and in school. Thank you for helping him find his passion ☺️
Laura, Castleknock

Conor has really enjoyed his Designer Minds club over the last 9 months. He has learned loads (and so have I)! He is already looking forward to next year.
Lynda, Lucan

Sean looked forward to the class every week. He always had a great time and was always highly praising of the instructors
Pat, Bandon

I thought course was excellent and a great introduction to science for young kids. It is all presented in fun non threatening manner and my son really enjoyed it.
Lucina, Ballinlough

Scott loves Designer Minds and is going to miss it this Sunmer! He’s done two terms now and is looking to do another!
Edel, Swords

My son rarely like any workshops, but Lucan club was eceptional. I'd say best, as he always ready before me dropping Tuesday evening. The attention from supervisors/leaders was very best to professional level. He is looking forward for his Summer camp. Kudos to Lucan teaching groups.
Shashikant, Lucan

My daughter thoroughly enjoyed her first term in Designer Minds. She slipped into class each weekend, looking forward to the delights in-store. The comprehensive reading material was brilliant to get her ready for the class each week. As a primary teacher, I also found them invaluable to my own teaching! She cannot wait for the next term. The future is in good hands with Designer Minds
Sheena, Ennis

My son has now completed two designer minds terms and thoroughly enjoyed both. It is a great learning experiencefor all children but especially those that may not have any interest or the ability to do sports. Looking forward to the next one.
Fiona, Celbridge

Our daughter enjoy every aspect of the club, and everything was explained. She looked forward to going to the club every Saturday as that was her time to do things she liked.
Ashling, Ennis

My children loved Designer Minds they learned so much while having fun.
Monica, Killiney

Justin absolutely loved the club, he has a huge interest in science, so every Monday he was very impatient to go to the class. Justin said he'll definitely go back in September.
Mariana, Dublin City

My daughter loved the different topics each week.. especially Minecraft maths...
Debbie, Midleton

An excellent series of classes, stimulating and enjoyable. My children LOVED it!
Dee, Ballincollig

My boy really enjoys rhe clubs every week, the activities are both fun and interactive, and the notes provided with each lesson provides great opportuniy for the chilld to develop an understanding of the topic beforehand. The theory part is always incorporated into a hands on lesson and any age can learn something from the content.
Emer, Limerick

Great variety of topics with all letters of STEAM included!
Orla, Ballinlough

Fantastic club lots of interesting projects
Nicola, Midleton

Our Son always looks forward to Designer Minds and is at the top of his extra curricular activities.
Danny, Ennis

My son has been goin for 2 terms now and loves every minute of it, every week he's made new friends and learned new very interesting things every week in fun ways, highly recommended,
Laura, Tallaght

Just fantastic ..... Fionn came running home from school on Tuesday because it was designer minds
Helen, Killorglin

The kids loved the big variety of stuff that they learned.
Pat, Ballincollig

Cian loved every week. Each session is different and he loved learning something new.
Stephanie, Cobh

My son really enjoyed his term at Designer minds ... he loved every aspect of it from making minature robots to checking for microbodies under a microscope
Luke, Limerick

Ethan absolutely loved every day at ‘after school’ designer minds. He can’t wait for summer camp to start. He has learned so much, couldn’t recommend designer minds enough.. the trainers are super also.. keep up the amazing work...????
Barbara, Ennis

Ultan has had a great term, loving Designer Minds every week.
Cliona, Glanmire

Noah has really enjoyed the last four terms of desingner minds. It's a testament to the teachers that we wants to continue on next year. It is constantly varied so he nevers get bored and repeated subjects are changed each time so he always learns something new
Rebecca, Listowel

The club was exciting and different each week. I loved the variety of topics covered so it never got boring !
Aoife, Killarney

Melissa and Darragh loved Designer Minds and it was the highlight of their week. They came out excited every week and eager to tell me what they learnt. They learnt a lot and it was full of variety so they never got bored. I also learnt a lot by reading the material that was sent in advance and it prepared the children for what they were going to do that week.
Sandra, Tallaght

Conor couldn't wait for Saturday to come round to go to Designer Minds. He was challenged and found each class interesting and great fun to mix with other kids. Highly recommend Designer Minds to all little explorers and scientists in the making they should give it a go. Looking forward to returning soon. Thanks
Janette, Limerick

Children loved this camp, especially as the topic changed and developed each week. They came home inspired for the weekend activities.
SUZANNE, Knocklyon

My son thoroughly enjoyed the few weeks that he attended. There were a variety of very interesting topics covered. He cannot wait to go back.
Amanda, Swords

Jack loved that he was learning something new each week and could put into practice what he had read in the notes.
Caroline, Shannon

Alex really enjoyed this fantastic after school club and could not wait to return week after week. He left each class excited and inspired with what he had learned. He loves technology and was learning through a fun environment. He has learned so much without even realizing it as he was having so much fun.He cannot wait for it to restart in September and is already excited about attending the summer camp.
Sinead, Listowel

Jack started late into the pring term but he fit in straight away. he was so excited each week with the new topics and really enjoyed his term.
Sarah, Donnycarney

My son loved the designer minds. He was excited every week to go and to tell us all the fun things he had done that week. He is very excited to.do the next term.
Karen, Lucan

My son loved the different activities and it is good that they learn to work in groups as well as learning about the different topics
Katherine, Ballincollig

Great STEM classes; highly recommended
Radek, Midleton

The kids always come out excited, with plenty to tell me. They say they wish school could be like that.
Melanie, Killiney

My girls (age 9 and 7) loved going to the Designer Minds club every week. There was always something fun, different and exciting that they would work on. They loved making their own "bugs" and the various experiments had them excitedly tell us what they had got up too that week in class! Would definitely recommend.
Sonia, Terenure

Luke really enjoyed every aspect of the club. His favorite week was the one in which they programmed the robots. He also loved the engineering week he’s looking forward to going back again
Gillian, Tallaght

My 7 year old son loved designer minds, & looked forward to it every week. He loved all the reading material and enjoyed every single session & can't wait to return in September. He thrived in the environment surrounded by kids with similar interests. I couldn't recommend your classes highly enough! !
Julie, Ballincollig

My son just loved the weekly classes, right from reading the weekly notes and watching the videos to attending the classes. He learned so much and was always excited to tell us about the class. Having to work in a pair was great for building teamwork skills and confidence. He was sad when the classes ended and is already looking forward to the next term.
Niamh, Blessington

My son 7 really enjoys this class, the topics covered are interesting and well varied..

Fun learning
Joann, Fermoy

It’s such a wonderful club. It’s well designed and organized. My daughter loved it and wishes to attend in the future. The tutors are friendly and helpful!
Yang, Shannon

It was a valuable time for my daughter. I can see now how the club really design her mind. Her favorite class was when they did some chemical reactions. She is only 7 but I can see her path is going towards to chemial engineering. :)
Sylwia, Glanmire

My 9yr old son, absolutely loved designer minds. He couldn't wait to get to class every week, then never stopped talking about it from the moment he came out. His favourites were DNA samples & growing bacteria. The teachers are lovely as well. Now he thinks summer camp will never come round.
Lisa, Maynooth

My son absolutely loved this he has asd and he thought he would not be able but he was so accommodated and couldn't commend you all enough. Thank you he had an absolutely fabulous time.
Melissa, Cobh

My 9 year old son loved this course. The content really resonated with some of his interests, as well as getting him thinking about the science and concepts behind everyday things.
Shane, Limerick

I highly recommend Designer Minds. Every week was exciting and interesting. My 8 yr old loved it.
Emer, Terenure

Our child was really enthused by the various topics and activities at Designer Minds. Each week was different and exciting. He learned lots, without even realising it. We would highly recommend Designer Minds!!!
N, Kerry

Great as always
Agnieszka, Bandon

Great variety of topics to stimulate young minds!!
Fiona, Midleton

Kids truly enjoyed every class and can't wait until Summer Camp. You are doing brilliant job Designer Minds!!!
Alona, Lucan

Aleks loved the classes.they're finished now for the summer but he said he is so sorry it's all over.
I think the classes are bit short ,but well worth it!!!!
Romana, Midleton

My son loved it. Especially the coding classes. He learned such interesting things he would never learn about at school.
Berdien, Waterville

Kenneth is science mad and truly was engaged in everything the club covered. He loved attending each week.
Laura, Glanmire

The girls that run the camp are brilliant. My son gets on great with them and loves going to the club. . It's all very interesting . . I don't know how they get so much Done in an hour.
Dawn, Ennis

My 8 year old always looked forward to going to the club.
Michael, Shannon

Eoghan fully enjoyed his term at Designerminds, each week presented a new topic and challenge which always proved to be a high point of his week.
Gerard, Ballincollig

Conor loved every class always smiliing and full of chat when he finished, the teachers were fantastic and very friendly, and knowledgeable, Great club signed up for summer camp already x
Annette, Listowel

James loved every minute of Designer Minds. He came out of each session with huge enthusiasm and energy and full of information on what they had done.
Caryl, Celbridge

My son loves going to this club. Each week he learns something new and exciting.
Lorraine, Limerick

Designer Minds was Zach’s favourite after school activity this year, by far. As parents we were delighted that he was excited to go, every week, to learn in a fun environment. Thanks to everyone in Designer Minds.
Amy, Rochestown

Alison loved every minute of her sat club. She talked non stop about what she had learned the course of her class. The best part was to her from her school teacher told me that Alison thinks outside the box and brings brilliant ideas into the classroom. She hadn't been aware that Alison was going to Designer Minds summer camps and weekend clubs.
Eileen, Limerick

Christian began designer minds at the start of the school year before every class he was full of excitement to participate. He learned alot in a safe and fun environment. We are looking forward to the next term to begin
Chloe, Ballincollig

I love that it involved team work ... my child is shy and finds it difficult to mix well but at your camp she was paired with a partner and they had to work together this helped her enormously and the subject matter really appealed to her .... the instructors are brilliant really nice people ... I was so impressed that I have also booked the summer camp xxxx
Grace, Tralee

My son isn’t into sports so there wasn’t really any alternative club environment he could be part of, until I discovered Designer Minds. He is a very creative and curious child so Designer Minds is perfect for him. He absolutely loves Designer Minds Clubs!
Sheila, Ennis

My 8yr old lil man was excited every week to experience a new challenge, variety for all interests. Absolutely loved the staff. Fantastic introduction to science and design.
Sarah, Tallaght

Dylan really enjoyed going along to the designer minds after school club,, he thoroughly enjoyed Lego week
Caroline, Ballyfinane

Danielius enjoyed every session in the club and learned a lot.
Jurgita, Castleknock

According to my 2 children Designer Minds is "great but too short " :-)
Catherine, Fermoy

Designer Minds is a creative way for kids to learn about
Science, Technology, maths and a much broader
range of subjects. The tutors show great enthusiasm
And my son loves going. Best of all , it’s learning through FUN!
E. Dor. Lucan

He absolutely loves every minute of it
Ruth, Glanmire

Ani loved learning about science ..and really enjoyed it all
Elaine, Tallaght

Would highly recommend this club, my 9yr old has never taken so much to anything he's tried like he has to designer minds. He doesn't stop talking about it and thinks Tuesdays will never come round so he can get there, the teachers are fantastic with the kids as well.
Lisa, Lucan

Kids love going & can’t wait till next term
Gerard, Ballinlough

My kids enjoyed the classes and always look forward to the next one.
Bernadette, Celbridge

AnnaKate looks forward to these classes every week, the topics covered are diverse and each challenges the kids to think outside the box.
Ann-Marie, Killarney

My son though it was great fun, there was lots of
Variety and can’t wait for the next term to start!
Pamela, Tallaght

Great educational material with enjoyable teaching process
, Limerick

Zuzanna loved Designer minds after school classes. She enjoyed every class very much and she will come back for sure for Spring term.
Monika, Tallaght

Both my kids really enjoyed Designer Minds. Learning and doing something different every week was great and they had fun doing all the activities.
Emma, Carrigaline

My children both loved Designer Minds every week and made comments like, 'I wish we could do this every day' and 'I wish school was like that'. They are very keen to come back next term.
Melanie, Killiney

The Designer Minds club is a fun way to introduce science to children!
Christina, Ennis

My daughter loves these classes and looks forward to it each week. She now wants to be a scientist when she grows up!
Antoinette, Ennis

My little lad was always excited going to this club and always enjoyed it...He really loved it so happy to finally find a club he has great interest in. This term has just finished up and he's already asking when is he going back.
Crystal, Tallaght

Matthew really enjoyed his time with designer minds. It broadened his thinking and gave him a different perspective on solving problems.
Graham, Cobh

educational and entertaining , difficult topics presented and practiced in a way for lids to learn and have fun.
Eva, Cobh

Evan really enjoyed his term and will be back in the spring. Merry Christmas Gretta.
Gretta, Ballincollig

Ciaran loved designer minds, he loved getting emails and reading material every week to find out what the next session would be about. He was excited going every week and he came out with a smile every week. Ciaran loved every session. It was very well organised. Thanks to everyone involved.
Niamh, Tallaght

My son is really enjoying his time at designer minds, and finds it great fun as well as being engaging and stimulating. He particularly loved working with Arckit and building circuits.
Louise, Celbridge

Fun environment to learn. Great notes before the class. My child always looked forward to going.
Michelle, Ballincollig

My little boy really enjoyed the classes. There was a wide variety of topics and he is looking forward to continuing the courses in January
Siobhan, Ennis

Have to say he has loved all the classes and looks forward to learning what they are doing in each class
Doreen, Donnycarney

Tom loved every moment of his first term
Oonagh, Killarney

Fantastic club, my child coudnt wait to get over every Saturday and would rave about what he learnt or built .Also different to other clubs ie hurling soccer etc as there are kids all ages which again is a good way to meet people .Were signed up already for the Spring camp , bring it on .
Michael, Shannon

Our son loves designer minds so much, that he runs into school each week bursting with excitement to tell everyone about his projects!
Tara, Tralee

Kristian loved every time going and exploring in designer minds..
Dusanka, Midleton

Super! Evan loved every week.

Neville, Donnycarney

James absolutely loves Designer Minds. He races in and comes out so happy. Its fantastic for kids to have such an enjoyable oulet which challenges them, educates them and entertains them for the full duration of the class. Highly recommend...
Caryl, Celbridge

My daughter Connie really enjoyed Designer Minds camp so much that it was never a battle to get her to go every week. Already she wants to do the next one
Aidan, Terenure

Great way of showing to kids how this world is build.
Malgorzata, Tallaght

Great experience for my child. He loved the classes. The reading created an opportunity for us to sit and read together and learn more about the topics. We’ll be back next term.
Denise, Bandon

Ultan has thoroughly enjoyed his term at designer minds. He devours the homework and comes out from each sesssion full of wonder and information.
Cliona, Glanmire

My son absolutely loves it! Thank so much for thinking outside the box and offering such an amazing course for kids. My son is super excited for the next term!
Carmen, Terenure

Kids were always full on information coming out of each class, it was infectious
Mary, Castleknock

Designer minds is educational in a fun , exciting and interesting way , kids don't even realise they're learning.
Karen, Ennis

Both children really enjoyed the term. Something new every week. Came out excited every week.
Tracy, Terenure

Troy enjoyed every week in designermindes. He loved learning about everything and all the fun building cool stuff. He is looking forward to the next term .
Elaine, Lucan

Amazing topics delivered in a fun and interesting way!
Gaynor, Terenure

Charlie loved the Autumn course, he bounced out the door every Saturday morning excited to tell me about the class.
From my experience over the past few months the coursework seems to be engaging and educational while being fun. His favourite was Maths with Minecraft.
Seamus, Limerick

My son loved the course from the moment he started & couldn't wait for the next week's class. He read all the material for the classes which only added to the excitement. He's looking forward to going back next term. Thanks so much.
Elaine, Terenure

I only wish they were taught all subjects in school like they are taught the STEM subjects in Designer Minds. Darren couldn't wait to get to the club every week and was so excited and full of talk about what he had done that club on the way home.
Sinead, Killarney

He just loves it !
Claire, Limerick

My 8yr old son has a fantastic time every single week
Sinead, Terenure

My 8 year old bounces out of bed every Saturday morning looking forward to Designer Minds! He is learning so much and having so much fun doing it! His little brother cannot wait to start next year and loves doing his "homework" with him every week!! Fantastic club, couldn't recommend it highly enough! I wish there had been something like this when I was a kid!!
Jilly, Limerick

My son loved it, was looking forward to each class.
Sylvia, Terenure

Excellent, I was stunned by how articulately my children described their experiments - they knew why, how and what they were doing.
Grainne, Carrigaline

The 2 boys are loving their time at designer minds. Keep up the great work.
Elizabeth, Bandon

My son loves this club. He finished second term already and looking forward for the next one.
Elvyra, Fermoy

My 10 yo loved 1st semester of Designer Minds, learned amazing stuff through play and had loads of fun during the experiments, coding and robotics especially. He's already booked for Spring and we both can't wait!
Kamila, Tallaght

Joshua absolutely loved designer minds he couldn't wait for Thursday to come for his next session. He's already enrolled for next season
Eileen, Fermoy

My son really enjoyed his term at designer minds, he loved experimenting with different systems and discovered a new found love for coding and animation.
Yvonne, Limerick

My two children absoulutly loved Designer Minds, couldn't wait for each lesson. They were always interested to learn, and would love to tell me about everything they had done. I think the robots were the favourite class though banana DNA was up there too. Thank you.
Beth, Ballyfinane

Designer minds encourages learning by doing..
Patricia, Ballinlough

Early each week, Ben would ask me if the material for the following weekend had arrived by email yet. He couldn't wait to find out what was coming up next. He absolutely love it.
Bryan, Ennis

Coel couldn't wait to go to his club every week , and came out buzzing !!
Carol, Tralee

Cian really enjoyed it. He never got bored with the content as it was different every week. He enjoyed it so much he insisted that I sign him up for another term.
Karen, Lucan

My son really enjoys designer minds. It is really teaching him to question how things work and how to approach finding solutions. It is givimg him a great introduction to STEM in a fun way.
Rosemary, Killarney

My daughter really enjoyed her Autumn term with Designer minds..she can't wait to start the spring term..she enjoyed the different subjects each week..and the little chats at the beginning of each class to discuss the projects and the reading material..she loved bringing her DNA sample and bacteria dish to school for show and tell
Debbie, Midleton

This was Charlie’s first term of Designer Minds and he absolutely loved. He calme out each week full of the joys and excited to tell ya about the content of each session. He will definitely be signing up for next term.
Eimear, Limerick

My son is so happy to have joined the club. He loves the new activities done each week. He said it's very interesting and educational.
Dorothy, Firies

There were a couple of weeks were children were not as enthused by the lessons, but on the whole they enjoyed it. Will be back for the next term and my nephew will be joining them!
Carol, Celbridge

My daughter was delighted and love all classes. She is looking forward for next term.
Ecaterina, Limerick

My son loves going weekly. He is not into sports so this is a great alternative for him. Something new each week. And he comes home with stuff that he can go into school and talk about next day. He learns interesting facts in a fun way.
Linda, Bandon

Absolutely thrilled with the classes. Marley spent with you last 3 years , every term. He loves it. We keep driving him from Lahinch to Ennis every Sat.Hopefully again next term!
Olga, Lahinch

My son thoroughly enjoyed the classes, especially the variety of topics that were covered.
Pat, Ballincollig

Sophie, 7, loved Designer Minds and has been full of chat about extracting DNA from bananas and coding!
Margaret, Celbridge

Designer minds were fantastic
Sienna gained confidence week by week
She lived for Friday
Designer minds have opened her mind to a whole new world
She is so looking forward to the next session
Thank you SO much
Gina, Terenure

My son really enjoyed this class
Geraldine, Swords

My son loves designer mind club, he is engaged through out the sessions and he even does little projects on his own based on the topic that week. As a parent I find it a great way for him to access equipment that he wouldn't normally get to and explore different topics I wouldn't know much about
Katriona, Tralee

Outstanding. It's the one thing he never complains about. He loves it so much he has asked Santa for a Dash
Catherine, Cobh

Ethan absolutely loved every class at designer minds, so much so I have nxt year booked already. Keep up the hard work
Barbara, Ennis

My daughter loved coming to class @designer minds. Unfortunately I couldnt get off work every Tuesday that she missed out 3 classes. She was so looking forward every time that I felt so sorry for her.
Maria, Donnycarney

This term was my 9 year olds first. He loved all the different activities and subjects. As all the kids were there because of a real interest in the subjects it made the group work fun as the kids seemed to feed off each other’s ideas and excitement. For a non sporty child this teamwork is invaluable.
Orla, Swords

Zach really enjoyed these classes.
Deirdre, Celbridge

I’ve never seen Scott and his friends enjoy anything as much. They learn loads but have a ball doing so. He’s always so excited to show us what he has learnt and has even demonstrated to his class in school!
Edel, Swords

Great term!!!!
Snezhana, Fermoy

If only all learning was this much fun!! The quickest hour every week. We've signed up for next term already.
Maeve, Glanmire

Jacob just loved every minute of the Designer minds term & is so excited to go back after Christmas
Laurane, Midleton

My 7 year old boy loved it! He found it very interesting and very funny. I think is the best complement to the normal classes from school. According with my son teachers are amazing too.
Tamara, Glanmire

I would recommend Designer Minds to my friends. My son loved going each week and learning something new. He got excited when the email arrived and we read about what he would be doing at the next class. . He can't wait for the new term to begin.
Ann, Lucan

Ríseal’s favorite part of the week is the hour she spends at Designer Minds. It has fired her imagination and given her a hunger to learn more. I’m so impressed by the topics the kids are tackling and the methods used to help them understand.
Ruth, Killiney

Lucas is 10 now, he started going from a young age, and every year when the term finishes he says Dad Sign Me Up For Next Year! When he becomes too old to go ? he'll definitely miss his Saturday class
Noel, Shannon

each week had something different which my son loved there wasn't 1 week he didn't enjoy.
Crona, Lucan

My son found Designer Minds so much fun. I loved it because he learnt loads of new stuff while having great fun!
Elma, Midleton

Great club, my daughter enjoyed every week and wants to go back next term.
Katarzyna, Cobh

My son loved being in the club really enjoyed meeting with other kids that were as interested in science and technology like himself and he loved learning more about these subjects with the lovely teachers in a fun way. I would highly recommend this for any child
Suzanne, Tallaght

Darragh and Melissa looked forward to Designer Minds every week. Getting the material to read in advance and the links to the videos is a great idea. It also prepared the kids for the next lesson. They learnt so much and in an enjoyable way. They are already booked in for next term.
Sandra, Tallaght

Very engaging. Kids loved it and jumped at opportunity to go back next term.
Kathleen, Celbridge

Jack is very unstimulated and unchallenged in school and finds the boredom difficult to handle. He'll often be cross, cranky or quiet coming out of school. Designer Minds was a breath of fresh air!! He was animated after each class, loved the experiments and the hands on learning experience. He really liked the teachers too, they were very approachable and child friendly. He's looking forward to starting a new term in January. Thank you so much
Trish, Swords

My son absolutely loved going to Designer Minds. It was fun hearing about what he learned or what was done in each session. The description emails before each weeks class was very helpful not only for my son but for me as well. Its was nice to know what the kids were learning each week. We will be signing up our son for another Designer Minds session in the Spring.
Dani, Killiney

My son aged 7 really enjoyed this after school club and is looking forward to next term. It’s a very hands on practical,learning through fun with a huge variety of topics covered. I would highly recommend designer minds
Sinead, Listowel

We are thrilled that we found this club! Thomas adores it (he’s not always a “joiner”) but he runs in each week & the topics and staff are brilliant! We’ve signed up for next term
Patricia, Mount Merrion

Ryan absolutely loved every week of this term. He came home full of knowledge about that weeks class and even looked forward to receiving his reading homework for the next class!! Thanks, he'll be back for spring term.
Jenny, Celbridge

Daniel loved it and can't wait to do a spring term.
Emilija, Fermoy

My 7 year old daughter looks forward to Designer Minds every week!
Louise, Rochestown

Another term of great fun activities with a really strong learning message.This is my sons second year of designer minds and as soon as one term finishes he looks forward to the next.
Elizabeth, Shannon

Another term of great fun activities with a really strong learning message.This is my sons second year of designer minds and as soon as one term finishes he looks forward to the next.
Elizabeth, Shannon

Perfect and interesting classes in MIdleton; great reading materials to prepare kids for it.
Radoslaw, Midleton

Really enjoyed the variety of topics and like the fact they could stay in pairs for tasks.
Linda, Limerick

My daughter just loved it! Interactive, and fun.
Caitriona, Swords

Our 8 year old just got into video games and is quite excited by them. Designer minds helps him to reconnect with his first loves, Lego, building, engineering and science. It’s the one thing he asked to continue after the first term. Great class, lots of variety and it definetly keeps the imagination in top form.
Treasa, Glanmire

My girl is 6 and loves designer mind. She can explore, think and become more confident after the class. She also knows more new friends from this course.
In, Ballincollig

Great club ,interesting and exciting ideas . Highly recommend it to all.
Dawn, Ennis

My son loves this club. Has been attending for a number of years now and his enthusiasm is increasing. I believe the strongest assets in this club are the teachers, the resources and equipment used and the variety of topics covered. I love to hear the shouts of excitement coming from the room when I arrive for collection.
Sylvia, Carrigaline

My two sons 8 and 7 started in glanmire autumn
2018 and come out of each class all excited to tell
Us what they’ve done in class.
Claire, Glanmire

My son only attended two mornings as we discovered the clubs late. But he absolutely loved the two he attended.
Bernadine, Limerick

My son loved going every week, he would come home full of chat about all that he had learned and the really cool things he had done. He used to count down the sleeps till the next class. ?
Caroline, Killarney

Meabh really enjoyed every minute of every class and can't wait for the new term to start again .
Martina, Lucan

My kid loved it
It was the highlight of his week.
George, Mount

the two girls were delighted with the session. well done to all.
Sabina, Lucan

the two girls were delighted with the session. well done to all.
Sabina, Lucan

My ten year old twins have recently started a designer minds club, they have both been really engaged with the topics and are enthusiastic about the next term.
Elaine, Lucan

Designer Minds is so cool. My son's very excited to attend each lessons, and so eager to discuss the contents after it. It helps to discover children's real interests and potential.
Jiani, Killiney

Oscar really enjoyed the course and really looked forward to Friday evenings
Michael, Rochestown

My son loved attending the designer minds club. It was very informative, interactive and fun every week. He will definitely be back again for another term.
Fiona, Celbridge

My son really enjoyed every single class!
Joanna, Swords

Overall it was great.
Catherine, Killiney

My children really look forward to the camp each week. They like to look at the information in the email prior to going. They chat non stop in the car coming home about what they did in their groups.
T. Bandon

Very interesting course. My 10yr old daughter learnt a lot this term.
Anne, Glanmire

Designer minds is my kids favorite after schools club. They are always very excited before and after the classes about the new things they are shown. It certainly stimulates their little minds about how the world works. Well done and thanks to all involved.
Fiona, Midleton

Designer minds has given my son a real taste for science. He loved every class and made some great friends. Every Thursday he could not wait to go. Well done .
Muriel, Fermoy

It was great fun and I can’t stop thinking about what we did ,I can’t stop thinking what we’re doing next year too!???
Marie, Carrigaline

My 8 year old son loves the Designer Minds club. He is learning loads but in a fun and interactive way, trying out all sorts of activities, some he had a previous taste of at the Summer camp, and some he experienced for the first time at Designer Minds club. He has enjoyed every single session and is looking forward to going again next term!! Would highly recommend for any child with an interest in any aspect of STEAM.
Ciara, Midleton

Justin absolutely love Designer Minds, he can't wait for Monday to come to get to do another class. The things he learns are great and they cover many subjects. I've already booked him for next term, Justin wouldn't let me not to!
Mariana, Tallaght

A great club to be in to have fun and experiment.
Irene, Tallaght

Our daughter enjoyed the variety of activities offered at the club. The present she asked Santa to bring was also inspired by one of the clubs (a spoiler: the sphero robot). The staff was great, too. Luckily, there was one more girl in the seniors' group. For reasons I can't comprehend, sciences are still thought to be more a boys' field. The readings complement the experience in a meaningful way. In fact, our daughter's school teacher told me STEAM vocabulary would help with end-of-the-year test in English. We will continue our adventure with Designer Minds - what better proof the club was a great experience?!
Galia, Mount Merrion

Cathal attended the summer camp and loved it. So much so I signed him up for the weekend classes. He's just finished his first term and is now booked in for the next. He's already wondering what projects he'll be doing next!!
Andy, Limerick

Zach says designer minds was amazing because they did things that were very cool.
Amy, Rochestown

It is an amazing experience for the children. They become passionate about learning. My son was asking all week for these thursday class. Really happy with it. We will go back.
Selena, Donnycarney

Cathal loved every minute of the classes . The variety of topics ensured he was more than interested and engaged at each session
Orla, Swords

Brilliant club! My 9 year old Jack loves going to Designer Minds every Saturday. It covers really interesting and fun topics with excellent tuition. Thanks
Aileen, Limerick

Zak and Isabel love the range of subjects they go through in Designer Minds. And I feel it will stand to them as they progress through a more technical future. They always speak highly of the club to their friends, which has led to many of their friends joining too, so they're doubly happy.
Gia, Shannon

It was the highlight of my son's week!
Lyndsey, Carrigaline

Dominik is happy because he discovers new interests.
Zaneta, Ennis

A good variety of interesting activities throughout the term and also the materials kids got to read/watch at home was useful and enjoyed by both my boys
Ekaterina, Mount

A really well organised and interesting course covering lots of different topics. My son looked forward to the class each week and was full of news and chat about what he'd covered afterwards. Looking forward to the next term.
Terri, Celbridge

My daughter simply can't wait for Friday to arrive - Designer Minds is the most engaging and fun after school club she has ever done and would happily go everyday because she loves it so much. The classes are so varied and interesting, appealing to this little designer in the making. Our thanks to all at Designer Minds for making the subjects of science, technology,engineering art, maths, so accessible and fascinating and fun !
Margaret, Drimnagh

Very good attention to detail and understandings for all levels. Highly recommended
Kathy, Swords

Our 8 yr old son has loved each topic covered by designer minds. Each week the topics are exciting, well prepared and well presented. Wednesday is Alex’s favourite day of the week because it’s science club day.
Emma, Killiney

My two boys have lived designer minds. They are often reluctant to go to after school activities but not designer minds. On the last week this term I was delayed coming home but my 7 and 9 year olds remembered they were going (how could they forget!!) and walked up to the school by themselves!
Aideen, Ballincollig

Clodagh had a fun time this term. Each week brought new and exciting projects. She's looking forward to the spring.
Cora, Fermoy

My two boys love designer minds and look forward to attending each week. Keep up the good work !
Rachel, Glanmire

Evan said it’s really fun. He loved it every week
Margaret, Glanmire

Euan absolutley loves DM. Comes home full of new ideas for his "science experiments". Can't wait for the spring term already . Well done to your crew!
Agnieszka, Bandon

Science is so important in children’s lives and the earlier they are exposed the better . Designer minds does that through fun inventive ways.
Joann, Fermoy

Cian loved this club. He's finally found somewhere he fits in x
Stephanie, Cobh

My daughter likes very much to spend time in Designer minds
Vidas, Listowel

Max really enjoyed the club, was always talking about the different activities and what he had learnt. Would highly recommend.
Shaun, Cobh

My son Adam loves going to Designer Minds. This is his second term. He loves sharing the information he learns there at home and at school. He has even made a friend and loves meeting up weekly there.

Seán loved going to each camp as he was eager to see what experiment he was to participate in with all the others.
Colette, Killarney

my daughter was very excited and looks forward to the next term, Thanks
Ecaterina, Limerick

My daughter had a great time there, she was so excited to learn about levers, coding & chromatography also she loved doing Lego robotics and parallel circuits.
She would love to join the next level to learn more and explore her abilities
Chirantha, Passage West
Chirantha, Ballinlough

My son always enjoyed the sessions and came home enthused. He still talks about some of the things he learned, passing on his knowledge to his little brothers, who now want to attend Designer Minds!
Lisa, Tralee

Another great year. Clodagh particularly loved claymation and chromatography. But came home happy and excited from each club. High light of her week
Cora, Fermoy

It's exactly what Tadgh needs to feed he's brain more..loves every class he's had
Veronica, Ballinlough

Wonderful classes, so much fun and very clever ways for kids to learn....our 3rd year returning and my 2 daughter look forward to Class every Thursday...keep up amazing work
DENISE, Fermoy

This was my sons third term with Designer minds and he did the summer camp last year also. He really loved it. It was fun and educational. Would highly recommend Designer Minds.
Gillian, Carrigaline

My son loved every class, he finally found an after school activity that suits his engineer-minded personality!
He would often shy away from groups but his confidence grew more with each class and I only wish he could have kept in touch with his new friends after the term ended - hopefully he will see some of them again next term.
J, Ennis

Very educational as well as great fun
Moira, Listowel

My 7 year old son absolutely adored the Designer Minds classes and Saturday afternoons were the highlight of his week! He couldn't wait for me to get his homework email every week!! He blew us away with how much he learned and our only problem now is trying to explain to his 6 year old brother that he has to wait another year to go! Well done, couldn't recommend Designer Minds highly enough!
Jilly, Shannon

My 7 year old son thoroughly enjoyed his time at the club. He came out smiling every week, made new friends and learned lots. I would definitely recommend it.
Muriah, Ballinlough

My son enjoyed designs minds so much. It was interesting & fun & he learnt without realising he was learning. Gave him a chance to meet new people. The teachers were so fantastic. I would recommend it highly
Elaine, Tralee

Great Saturday club that doesn’t clash with sports activities. This club is a fun way for kids to learn and discover things for themselves in a relaxed environment, especially kids who need stimulation!
Olivia, Shannon

Cian is socially underdeveloped but highly Intelligent. He was encouraged to mix and talk to the other kids. He enjoyed every class and has made friends as well. The leaders were so kind and gentle with him and he has grown so much. He can't wait for the next term
Alan, Cobh

Gregory always interested to go, never wanted to miss one and generated great conversations with the grown ups and his sister
Ken, Bunratty

Emma always interested to go, never wanted to miss one and generated great conversations with the grown ups and her brother
Ken, Bunratty

Eoin loves the variety of the clubs - different topics each week. Its a great opportunity for children to get experience with different technologies and different science topics - Eoin has attended for a few years now and even though some topics get repeated each year - there is always a different twist on the topic so Eoin is always learning.

Great work Donal & Team!
Pat, Killarney

My son absolutely loved this club! The hands on approach to learning was perfect for him. He learned lots of different things on a great variety of topics and was happy each week!
A, Midleton

Doireann absolutely loved the variety of topics covered at Designer Minds and looked forward to attending every week. If she wasn’t starting secondary school in September, she’d be enroling again.
Yvonne, Ennis

Éabha loved the club and is looking forward to going to the summer camp. The activities are varied and interesting and she has learned so much about STEAM. Perfect club for creative and questioning kids!
Meabh, West Clare

My son thoroughly enjoyed his Designer Minds sessions and looked forward to each one. He particularly enjoyed the sessions involving the Sphero Ball and Lego. My daughter is looking forward to being able to join in next Autumn when she turns 7!
Pat, Ballincollig

Sean loves designer minds. Really interesting and so much fun. Looks forward to it every week. ?
Louise, Ballincollig

A great tech club that gives kids freedom to learn while messing with their peers :)
Michelle, Ballinlough

Great place to send your kids.
Samuel, Carrigaline

Absolutely amazing club,so well organised and delivered in a way that every child, no matter their ability, can succeed and learn in a multi sensory environment that supports children to have fun.
Noelle, Ennis

My son really enjoyed the activities in the club. He found them challenging and enjoyable. He came home animated from the club each time.
Brid, Shannon

very impressed with the variety of subjects which kept my son engaged every week. He has gained a whole new vocabulary and scientific outlook in relation to the things around him. He is looking forward to autumn term.
Elizabeth, Shannon

It amazes me every Saturday morning to see 2 children get up & out the door so fast in order to travel 35km to get to Designer Minds club. Both love the classes especially the older lad who normally doesn't like the traditional classroom. This class includes all learners and is pitched at all levels so everyone enjoys the class and makes the most of the fun and interesting subjects.
Katrina, Limerick

This was Liam’s first Sat Club, he really enjoyed the whole experience, found the different activities interesting. Club provided a great atmosphere for curious minds, pity they don’t do more like this in school, the variety was a big plus.. would highly recommend.
Ethel, Ennis

Because you made education fun
Noel, Shannon

Freya has been attending designer minds for a few years now & she still enjoys it today every bit as much as she did at the start. Thank you guys for your hard work, dedication and making learning fun ??
Fiona, Ennis

My child had a fantastic time at Designer Minds, he looked forward to class every Saturday & was very happy with himself when he was able to help he's school classmates out in science experiment that he had already learn about in designer minds. It has really opened up he's mind to how things work in the world around him ;)
Diane, Ennis

James absolutely loved going every saturday.. every week he came out home more excited than the last week. It had been a truly enjoyable experience and we will be signing up for the next session in sept.
Aimee, Ennis

Liam loved every week. He was excited going in and coming out. His t-shirt is his pride and joy. He can’t wait for the summer camp and the next term ?
CLAIRE, Limerick

My daughter loves the club. She has learned so much across a great spectrum of subjects whilst finding it all fun along the way.
Judith, Ballincollig

Tommy alwayc came home buzzing with excitement from participating in designer minds activites. He loved telling me about what he got up up and always asked ahead of time what would he be doing next week.
Lorraine, Ballincollig

Cian loved this term of Designer Minds. He really enjoyed all the topics covered and always looked forward to the next session. The tutor were great and everything was presented in an informative and fun way. Roll on summer camp!
Pam, Fermoy

My son loved the different subjects and he gained a better understanding of how maths is needed and applied to every day things like Minecraft, architecture, lego, etc.
Elaine, Listowel

Both the boys loved the hands on nature on the club, and the course reading received in advance reinforced the learning on the day, enhanicing their enjoyment
Michael, Blackrock, Cork

Brilliant , every week was both fun and educational !
My daughter loved it from start to finish and can't wait until next term. I would recommend this club to anyone
Orla, Fermoy

Nothing is more important than education but to learn in a fun exciting and practical way is amazing. Designer minds is education through fun
Joann, Fermoy

My daughter loves designer minds, it’s fun and also educational
Ciara, Midleton

Matthew looked forward every week to the club. The reading material sent prior to the club each week used to get him curious and interested in the experiments. One of the best clubs he’s done.
Geraldine, Fermoy

The programme was full of knowledge and fun. My son had a great time each week and he gained more knowledge and friends too. He had a marvellous time.
Sivabalan, Ballinlough

My 11 year old son thoroughly enjoyed Designer Minds after school club and really looked forward to going each and every week. I feel the whole area of steam needs to be introduced to kids in this fun and exciting manner making them learn without realising it. I alao felt it was excellent value for money and will be booking a summer camp too.
Elaine, Listowel

My son really enjoyed going to designer minds. He loved telling us what he did each class and I was really impressed with the diversity of activities they took part in. It is an excellent programme. I hope he can attend another term soon!
Tara, Firies

It was my son's first year attending and he had a blast, really looked forward to going every week and always enjoyed the activities.
Louise, Bandon

My daughter was very happy and excited every Monday evening. Thank you
Vidas, Listowel

That was our 4th term with Designer Minds. My little boy absolutlely loves it. Althoug subjects might be similar to previous terms they are always approached in different way. We are planning on booking autum term as soon as it becomes available.
Agnieszka, Bandon

This club is perfect for my son who is creative AND loves technology. He looks forward to Designer Minds days (even after two years) and always comes out of the camps inspired and excited. This is learning at its best- he doesn’t even realise he is doing it!
Catherine, Bandon

My son loved each and every class. He loved coding with the sphero. He also loved making the t-shirt. He can't wait for the summer camp and for next semester to begin.
Rebecca, Listowel

It was great! My son really enjoyed! He learned a lot and in the same time he had a lots of fun!
Gordana, Killarney

My son absolutely loved the designer mind camp looked forward to it every Sat he loved building with the Lego , making circuits , slime, a light up card . .. he can't wait to go to the week long camp this summer .the possibilities are endless a fantastic opportunity for any child ...
Bernie, Ennis

My daughter says: "It's was fantasticly exciting!"
Cristina, Tralee

My son enjoyed every club and he says "he learned something new in every class".
Thank you for your great job!
Cristina, Tralee

He just loves going..next term will be he's 5th..
Veronica, Ballinlough

Designer minds is a cutting edge children's after school club for kids interested in discovery, innovation and exploration. The weekly activities are varied, fun and really interesting & my son looks forward to attending every week.
Deirdre, Midleton

"the word to say how good it is hasn't been invented yet" Cathal 8yrs
Orla, Glanmire

My child looked forward to attending Designer Minds every Saturday & was so excited to tell me about all he had learnt in class. Designer Minds really opens up a child's mind.
Diane, Ennis

My son loved his term at designer minds. He learned so much and had great fun doing so. He’s so excited about returning for term 2 and can’t wait to see what new things Hilary Ann and Aine have in store for them
Stephanie, Listowel

My daughter really enjoyed the Ballinlough club. It was well structured with informative tutors. She will definitely go back for the Spring term.
Fiona, Ballinlough

My 7 daughter absolutely loves going to Designer Minds every week, she lights up when she talks about it!
Nikki, Glanmire

My son loves the variety of subjects covered and while he prefers to work alone he seems to be getting better at working with others. It's great that he is allowed that flexibility.
Sylvia, Carrigaline

Both my sons love designer minds every Saturday morning. I love the way they are both learning the same topic but the classes are differentiated to suit both their needs. The facilitators are excellent and look out for all their students and they are learning a lot of relevant science, technology & engineering knowledge to equip
Them for their future.
Katrina, Castlemahon

Ryan is a 9 year old boy who loves questions and science! Most of his friends are into sport but at Designer Minds he mixes with like minded kids who also love experimenting. Every week he learns something new and usually can bring home something he made. I'm so impressed that all this learning is so much fun..thank you!
Georgina, Glanmire

Rhys loved the variety of the sessions, especially the robotics!
Antoinette, Ennis

My son loves Design Minds, the classes are designed for learning in a fun way, and everything his learns stays with him. Looking forward to the next term!
Erin, Shannon

My son loves this class. He is only 7 but loved it. He has learnt so much and actually gets upset every week when class is over. I cannot recommend it enough.
Alan, Cobh

My guys, my son in particular, loved last term. He made friends, and thoroughly enjoyed the curriculum. He will definitely be back next term!
My daughter can struggle with engaging in many settings, and I really appreciate how accomodating staff were of her needs. She is unsure if she will return, but I feel that is due to her own personal struggles rather than the club itself. Big thank you for all she has learned so far :)
They felt that there was not a lot of support to help use the materials provided, and that some (usually the same, and younger) kids would recieve more help, or have their questions answered on a more consistent basis.
They also commented that they were not believed when they had a problem (eg missing piece, something not working).
This is completely understandable with there being two staff members for such a diverse age range, and covering subjects that kids are more than likely unfamiliar with. Perhaps having more adults who are familiar with the tech availiable would allow children to get more from the opportunities presented.

Also, it would be great to see a club that is in the Northside (Neptune is great!), or in the city.

Thanks for providing so many opportunities for exploration, we love Designer Minds :)
Michelle, Ballinlough

My son started designer minds and absolutely loves it. The topics that are covered and the playful teaching methods are fantastic for children who are interested in science and technology. He will be going back for the spring term!
Fran, Fermoy

Our son is thoroughly enjoying the club. He is so excited to go every week. The club notes are an added bonus, a great resource.
Natalie, Kerry

My son has been attending Designer Minds for a few years now and it's the one activity i never have to ask is he returning. It's ideal for kids who have an inquizative mind!
Michelle, Bandon

He tells us little but he loves it
Annette, Bandon

My son had the most amazing time at designer minds, it's after opening up a whole new world to not just him but me too! Truly an amazing class with fantastic, enthusiastic teachers.
Karen, Ballincollig

My son so loved his term with Designer Minds found it to be very exciting and loved the new ideas. Very good for brain function as he said himself his brain was thinking alot.
Barbara, Ennis

My 7 year old loves Designer Minds - he's always so excited on a Wednesday knowing it's coming up. I love that they give info to read before classes as well - they always seem to find really interesting links and I've learned a lot myself from reading through the material with him. Would highly recommend it
Mary, Midleton

I have a son and daughter that have done 2 terms of Designer Minds and they are already signed up for next term. They love the classes. The different topics each week engage them and are so hands on. They come home without fail full of chat about what they did and wanting to try at home.
Gia, Shannon

My son goes every Tuesday with a smile on his face and comes back the same way. He would like to have every day of the week
Gloria, Killarney

Delighted that this club is available in our area for the children that love these subjects and topics
Caroline, Fermoy

Our son Liam was so excited every week to go to designer minds, it was great to know ahead of time what he was doing in the class,such a great club for creative minds
Lisa, Glanmire

My son has completed 4 of these terms of clubs now and finds new and interesting projects each week. He has developed an interest in coding and loves the experiments they carry out. Great club and great teachers.
Jilian, Rochestown

Both my daughters ( aged 6 and 8) love attending Designer Minds. It is a fantastic and fun way for them to learn about science , technology and engineering topics that they would otherwise not be exposed to at their age.
My daughters attend the same group, sit together and work together Designer minds has shown them the importance and value of team work when they work together to complete a project, they have to do it together.
Prior to designer minds, like any siblings, they would argue a lot however it’s now entertaining to listen when they are at home playing a game or making something,each one wants to be the boss but they have developed skills such as compromising and there is also some logical reasoning when trying to work out a solution. Designer minds is a very positive experience for my girls and they love attending the Ennis class each week the mentors there are fantastic, friendly and make topics interesting for the kids.
Geraldine McMahon Ennis

My son really enjoyed the architecture classes and the coding, he learned lots of useful information
Eilis, Fermoy

Loved learning about STEAM & all the different elements in such a fun way!
Yvonne, Killarney

My son aged 8 has been attending Designer MInds after-school club for over a year now. Science and technology are of huge interest to him and he loves the club. It offers a broad range of topics and is fantastic at bringing him in contact with like minded children.
Catherine, Carrigaline

My son,so much enjoy coming to your classes and doing all the fun activities. Very well organised.
Karina, Shannon

Our son absolutely loves his Designer Minds after school club. It has stimulated in him a great interest in science & he is delighted to spot things in every day life that he has learned in his class. Roll on another exciting term ahead. Thank you!
Niamh, Tralee

My daughter loves de easy way you explain some things that she didn't understand in other academy.
Natalia, Rochestown

As usual both girls enjoyed the term, the topics were varied and interesting.
Tanith, Shannon

My girls love learning about computers and science in a fun way. Once a week never seems enough! Keep up the good work?
Anna, Killarney

jack and millie enjoyed a summer camp and then weekly excitedly attended a term which was very good fun and educational
Breda, Ennis

Lucas loved this! He could not wait to see what was happening next week
Noel, Shannon

Scott really enjoyed Designer Minds. It was the highlight of his week. The reading material gave him time to think about each project before the class and get excited about it. His Santa list includes many of the items used in the classes.
Barbara, Cobh

Liam, age 9, thoroughly enjoyed every Saturday he attended this camp. He made friends with like-minded kids and they all appeared very happy coming out the doors every evening. He has signed up for next term he enjoyed it so much!
Helen, Inagh, Ennis, Co. Clare

the girls loved it, it was so different from everything else they have done, (sport, music) very interesting each week something new to learn, explore and have fun at the same time.
Patricia, Killarney

Jack loved the club as he was learning something new each week
Caroline, Shannon

Fun and educational, boosted her self-confidence.
Meabh, Ennis

Our son Keelan absolutely loved the Designer Minds club, it was a great opportunity for him to meet new friends and have fun while learning at the same time. The weekly newsletter is great for him to find out what they are learning the next week along with educational videos. Will definitely be signing him up for the next term.
Jazmine, Killorglin

I really enjoyed every week and learnt so much ..
Sarah, Ennis

My son absolutely loved Designer Minds. He ran in excited every week. I can’t recommend this camp highly enough. He was made to feel included, he had fun, made new friends and learned so much. He was happy and excited to tell us about each camp, animated in his description, just wonderful. Thank you.
Orla, Listowel

My son is interested in technology and Lego this club really brought him out of his shell and gave him a wider understanding of how things work he can't wait to go back after christmas
Emma, Midleton

Great fun while all the time learning.
Dearbhla, Limerick

My son truly enjoyed every week of Designer minds club and delighted in telling us what he had completed each week.
Elaine, Carrigaline

Wonderful introduction to the world of science,design and technology for the kids!Educational and very interesting .every week different topic.My daughter enjoyed Designer Minds a lot,and looking forward for the new term !
Anna, Shannon

Absolutely amazing! A lot of fun joined with educational experiences. Our son enjoyed every minute of it. It was his third season and we are joining next one too.
Olga, Ennis

Creative, dynamic, interactive learning for children with excellent teachers who facilitate each child's own learning style and communication ability.
Martine, Tralee

This was our 2nd term at designer minds and definately not our last! Scott absolutely adores it. As parents it's a joy to see him skip in every week knowing he is having fun learning. Roll on January.
Terry, Shannon

Alex had a brilliant time at Designer Minds. So much so he wished it could be on longer than an hour!!!!
Adrienne, Shannon

Seán has just completed his fifth term of Designer Minds & has loved every minute of it. It has opened up his mind to a whole new world of endless possibilities where the only limit is your imagination!
Carolyn, Midleton

Rian really looked forward to going to his Designer Minds class each week! ?
Maire, Midleton

Tommy comes out so excited from the club, relaying each detail of the activity he participated in. It is a genuine learning experience but done in such a fun way he doesn't realise it!!
Lorraine, Ballincollig

Having tried a few different clubs and after school activities, we finally found one that my daughter loves! Amazing teachers and fantastic projects/tasks completed each week. And best of all, its educational as well as fun!
Aimee, Midleton

I have 2 kids 1 9year old 1 7year old & they both love getting stuck in to all the activity ‘s especially anytime they build something
Gerard, Ballinlough

My son enjoyed the range of topics covered in the term, he was very happy each week and excited to go back. Good value for money too.
Hazel, Tralee

Liam loved the classes , learning new subjects through practical demonstrations
Joann, Fermoy

My 12 year old son has attended Designer minds club for the past 2 years and he also attended 1 of the summer camps. He has absolutely enjoyed every minute of every club.
Carolyn, Bandon

My son has done two terms of Designer Minds and he loves it so much he's signed up for a third term in January.
Gillian, Carrigaline

Rebecca loved going to designer minds, she really liked the creativity in class and that there was something different to do or make every week
Caroline, Midleton

My two older boys (2nd and 3rd class) attended the designer minds after school club and loved it. There is great variety as they do something new and interesting every week. They also love reading about the upcoming topic and watching the little videos that are sent went the online notes prior to class.
Christina, Ballincollig

Excellent club and very thought provoking. Highly Recommend
Derek, Cobh

Fantastic environment to have fun while also learning something new . Great new friends were made and will definitely return for another term !
Sinead, Ballinlough

This is the greatest program ever for kids to learn and develop into current world state. This should be a must have program at schools. Really looking forward to the next semester. Outstanding
job @DesignerMinds team!
Peter, Limerick

Mark enjoyed going along to club each week, trying new and different activities each time. The pre reading meant as a parent I could stay involved too.
Joanne, Shannon Club

As voted by my daughter.. 10 out of 10. We are booked in already for January!
Judith, Ballincollig

Conor really loves Lego so the combination of technology with Lego really grabbed his attention. He loved learning how Lego can be used in so many different ways and learning about electronics alone the way was great. Designer Minds is a great way to show kids that there is other ways of learning beyond tradition school.
Wendy, Midleton

The designer minds club is the only one that our kids keep asking to go back to. The topics are really interesting and it helps that they are learning about these from a young age
Laura, Glanmire

My daughter Freya has been enjoying Designer Minds for about two years. She loves the interactive teaching provided by the friendly & engaged teachers that give their time & knowledge every week. She’s all signed up for 2018 & really looking forward to learning some great new knowledge on all sorts of topics
Fiona, Ennis

Another fabulous term at Designer Minds. Getting better every term. Congrats.
Cora, Fermoy

My 9 year old daughter and her friends come out bubbling with enthusiasm
Orla, Ballinlough

It's Euans second year of Designer Minds . He loves science and maths and those classes are just what he needs.
Agnieszka, Bandon

A wonderful way to participate in STEM education. A fun learning environment! Bryan is happy to attend Designer Minds each week.
Azaa, Tralee

Ben loved going to his Designer Minds Club each week & the variety of topics covered each week kept his interest.
Eilis, Fermoy

This club suited my son's interests in all things technological and science based. It was great for him to get hands- on experience and he came out of every class buzzing with excitement and ideas.
Catherine, Carrigaline

Evan really enjoyed his time at designer minds espacially the fun experiments like building rockets and lego robotics.
June, Carrigaline

Great activity for a busy mind who loves to learn and can't wait for designer minds to start again
Debbie, Cobh

Your classes are everything Tadgh needs for his designer mind ..always excited about going .completely committed to learning all ye have to teach.thank you..
Vera, Ballinlough

My son thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Every week was a different topic. He enjoyed working and interacting with others kids his age.
Kira, Killarney

Eoin loves his science club as he refers to it. He can't wait for Tuesday's to come around. It has made him eager to learn more. Well done to all involved. A fabulous club.
Elizabeth, Bandon

Rory has attended designer minds in Garry duff for 2 years and enjoyed it so much he's going back for a third
Evelyn, Rochestown

My son loved every minute of it, full of information when he came home. Would show his little brother everything he learned that day. I would highly recommend this class to every parent that had a child with an enquiring mind as its full of fun adventures.
Donna, Shannon

My child really enjoyed the Club.
Mum from Tralee

Delighted Designer minds came to Glanmire our son loved it, exciting, educational and really great to broaden minds
Laurent, Glanmire

Great way of learning and playing for kids. Olivier found it very interesting, he enjoyed every subject. Thank you to all the team at Designer Minds!
Renata, Tralee

Donnacha really enjoyed this club. Time was good (5pm) and duration just right (1 hour) with very interesting topics each week. He was very engaged and it was good for him to explore subjects (e.g. Augmented Reality) he might not otherwise be exposed to.
Stephen, Tralee

Michael loved all workshops particularly the rockets and engineering sessions He made new friends and looked forward to Designer Minds every week The workshop's reading circulated in advance was particularly helpful.
Patricia, Ennis

If you have a kid that loves the universe and everything in it, get them here! For the kid with questions, there is no better club. Thank you!
Anne, Listowel

Elian loved Designer Minds, particularly Stop Motion and Raspberry Pi, which he would like to work more with.
Muireann, Limerick

Everything about Designer Minds is amazing. What our son has learned and has been exposed to over the past few months is building the foundations for his future learnings. He cannot wait to start next term. Thank you.
Frank, Shannon

Really fantastic way of learning and playing for young people. My son Wojciech loves it
I do recommend it to anyone who is looking for weekend clubs
Tomasz, Limerick

Rian really enjoyed designer minds so much .He loved all the subjects and got excited every week with a new challenge. He also made new friends which is also very important at his age. thanks again lads great job and lots of fun.
Ted, Ballincollig

My son has been going to Designer Minds for the last number of years. He loves going on a Thursday afternoon and he has developed a great interest in science as a result.
Frances, Glanmire

Super term at designer minds. Clodagh loved it and cant wait for September. Huge variety and great fun.
Cora, Fermoy

Every week they ran into class and came out full of chat and excitement
Bridin, Ballinlough

My twin boys loved the classes, Every week had something different and brought with it new learning and fun.
Jacqueline, Rochestown

My daughter learned so much from this camp it really captured her imagination and curiosity.
Gillian, Cobh

Daniel enjoyed every session of Designer Minds, from looking at bacteria to making mini brushbots. Every week was fantastic and I would highly recommend this course for other children to do.
Elaine, Carrigaline

My son really enjoyed his weekly Designer Minds class. I also loved it - I really enjoyed sitting down and reading through the info we would be given the week before and looking though the great resources supplied. We still continue to use some of them even after the course is finished.
Mary, Midleton

Ruarí loved each week, always looking forward to the next with great anticipation.
Stephen, Glanmire

A big favourite...can't wait for each week . Loved every minute.
Sarah, Ennis

My 10 year old son loved going to Designer Minds he always came out with a smile on his face and loved to fill me in on all that they had done
Amy, Glanmire

The Designer Minds club was both enjoyable and educational. My son really enjoyed the learning experience and also the interaction, variety and fun. So many exciting new experiences every week. I would highly recommend it and he is already looking forward to going again. Thank you so much.
Patricia, Quin. Co. Clare

Jack loved everything about the classes each week. Especially the brush bots.
Trish, Midleton

Seán loved Designer Minds Club. It gave him an outlet for his inquisitive mind and stopped him from taking all my home appliances apart, to 'See How They Work Mam'. Reading the pre-club notes encouraged him to tackle difficult words and to grapple with complex concepts. He thoroughly enjoyed the Homework and the Club and is very disappointed that the term is over. I'll have to lock up my appliances until the next term starts!
Orla, Killarney

Seán has just finished the two year junior cycle & is already looking forward to beginning the Senior cycle in September. Designer Minds has given him the opportunity to explore & experience topics that he would not necessarily encounter in school and the fact that he gets to do this in a fun & exciting way with new friends he has made along the way is an additional bonus!
Carolyn, Midleton

Great club! My son found it very interesting, he couldn't wait Fridays to come and have another adventure with Designer Minds!
Michael, Ballincollig

My daughter really enjoyed attending each week as there was great variety with new subject areas for each session. No 2 weeks were the same. Would recommend it as a great start to STEAM subjects for children due to move on to secondary school over the next few years.
Sharon, Ennis

My son loved the class every week . He loved learning how things worked and making them himself also . I loved that is builds a strong connection and love of science .
Louise, Cobh

My son found the club extremely fun and enjoyable. He really enjoyed the practical side of the club. It was great to receive the information the week before the next club so the kids knew what they were doing. Well done to all involved and very well organised
Jackie, Limerick

He would loved a little more time with the activities, the hour was short for some, so he is looking forward to Summer camp to get stuck in!
Erin, Shannon

We had 2 kids going to Designer Minds. Both loved it and looked forward to going
Paula, Ennis

Thank you to all the team at Designer Minds, Alex had the best time!!. He learned so much about Science and Technology in such a fun environment. Designing and building a rocket was definitely the highlight ! He is so curious about the world around him now and cant wait for next term.
Claire, Rochestown

My 8 year old son could not wait for Friday nights. He ran out the door to Designer Minds. He thoroughly enjoyed every night. Would highly recommend Designer Minds to any child. Will be going back again for the next term.
TM Rochestown Cork

The club has given both my children confidence in their learning and confidence in their interaction with other children. The clubs have always been a hit with them and has broadened their interests to include engineering and science. Their problem solving skills has also improved and they were disappointed when the last class finished and they wouldn't be back until September.
Katrina, Limerick

Liam enjoyed his Saturday afternoons at designer minds . It was one activity that required no prrsuasion from either his Mum or Dad. We are so proud of him as he can be quite shy but this did not inhibit him in any way and he felt part of the club thanks to his mentors.
Mary, Shannon

Great variety of topics. Loved the hands on experience.
Susan, Bandon

Thoroughly enjoyed every week. And best of all learned a lot​ while having​ great fun.
Breda, Killarney

My son learned something new every week and will definitely be going back for the next term
Thomas, Fermoy

My Eight Yr old son thoroughly enjoys every club - being provided with the notes in advance give us time to read and prepare. The best aspect of the clubs is the variety - different topic each week
Pat, Killarney

My son Zach joined designer minds for the first time this February. He loved every single class. He waited every weekend for the email to read up on the topic for the next class. He is a huge Cork City soccer fan and he even missed a few away matches so that he could go the the club. He's already asking what will he be learning about next year! The teachers were amazing always taking the time to greet him and chat for a few minutes when he arrived. Roll on next September and he'll be back.
Roisin, Ballincollig

My son really enjoyed the designer minds classes. He enjoyed all classes and loved going every week. He can't wait to do the summer camp.
Gillian, Carrigaline

My daughter loved the club, she came home excited and enthused about her various weekly projects. We really want to engage her interest in science and technology and this fun learning environment does just that. She skips into club each week and leaves buzzing full of excitement over her achievements. I would highly recommend it.
Siobhan, Carrigaline

My son loved coming every week. He enjoyed each activity. It was great that there was a mixture of individual, paired and group work.
It was his first term with Designer Minds and is looking forward to the next.
Emma, Shannon

Jennifer loved going to the club every Friday night. I never heard "I am too tired etc"
Janet, Rochestown

The children loved the classes and every week were excited to tell us all about their productions. They have asked that I make sure to book them in for September.
Elaine, Ballinlough

Èabha absolutely loved designer minds. She especially enjoyed the brushbot, the rocket and engineering a bridge to withstand a storm. She had difficulty understanding the computer programming, as an all girl household mine craft was very new to her in addition she does not have computer games so she had difficulty understanding the concept of being able to change how the programme worked, I think this was due to her young age. She loved the concept of virtual reality and the links provided showing an insight into how the future might look. Designer minds is an excellent forum for young minds to develop I would highly recommend it to anyone eager to help their child grow. She cannot wait for September to go back to club it cannot come soon enough. An excellent club with fantastic mentors , thank you all.
Geraldine, Ennis

My son learned a lot , and can't wait for summer camp!!
Noel, Shannon

My kids loved it. Each week they looked forward to the next week. Each week was well planned and delivered in such engaging way that both children couldnt get enough. We are already booked to summer camp!
Eva, Rochestown

Euan learnt a lot from your clubs. He was very enthusiastic every single Tuesday and every time the notes arrived! Already looking forward to next term!
Ag, Bandon

Designer minds has been a fantastic experience for our child.. Both the subjects and mentors have made this his favourite after school activity to date!
Aoife, Glanmire

Another fantastic term at Designer Minds! Olivia and Clodagh thoroughly enjoyed it. I cannot recommend this club enough. It is a wonderful social outlet for children with inquisitive minds, the equipment used is excellent and the club is run by the most amazing teachers who are kind and patient. I see my girls confidence and social skills thrive. They look forward to every week and they cannot wait for the Summer Camp!
Tanith, Shannon

All 3 of our kids are into science and technology. Our 2 youngest did the Spring term and loved it. Both of them found different sections challenging or frustrating at times but it never stopped them wanting to go back for the next weeks class. My eldest was only disgusted he couldn't do it too.
Gia, Shannon

Marley is enjoying every Saturday camp, we are absolutely happy to continue his little adventure with Designer Minds.
Olga, Lahinch

My son and I wonder what we did before Designer minds club came to our town. All he talks about is what he did, what he's going to do and what he'd like to do at the designer minds club. All week long he researches the topic that they are going to cover at the next club so he's fully prepared when he arrives. He is having so much fun doing things that interest him and he's learning so much along the way. He has met alot of like minded boys and girls at the club and has made lots of new friends. I can't recommend this club highly enough. Give it a go and believe me, you like us, will wonder what you did before you found this amazing club.
Carolyn, Bandon

My daughter came out from every camp on a high bursting with chat about what she had just been doing.
Orla, Ballinlough

My daughter enjoyed every class which covered a wide variety of stem content and sparked great interest in these areas
Brid, Midleton

Love love loved it?
Fiona, Ennis

Designerminds has has opened my children's eyes to the world of science & technology & I definitely have a couple of budding engineers & scientists on my hands now!
Carolyn, Midleton

Cooper loved his time at Designer Minds each week - learn new and interesting skills he can apply at home and work.
Conor, Bandon

I rate the club 10 out of 10 because I was never bored here. All the topics were really interesting and changed every week. I liked that we did the activities ourselves because in school the teacher just tells us about it.
Cillian, Bandon

Jennifer really enjoyed learning more about science and how things work. She particular enjoyed the practical aspect of the classes.
Janet, Rochestown

My 7 year old son loves this club and looks forward to going every week. As a parent I can't recommend it highly enough, it's so educational and fun and very reasonably priced. Each lesson is new and challenging. I also like that whatever the topic, it can be simplified for the younger children and the older ones can learn the more advanced method. That way nobody feels left out and there's little risk of being bored. I only wish that STEAM was taught like this in primary schools in Ireland.
Ann-Marie, Glanmire

Seán loves Mondays! From the moment he gets up he is in flying form. Dressed and ready for school in a jiffy. After school homework is done and dinner downed in the blink of an eye. Change the clothes for the serious business of the day - Designer Minds Club! Makes Monday the highlight of his week.
Orla, Killarney

bridgins is not a very outgoing child ,but has really developed since starting the club and loves all the activities .
Michael, Listowel

It's great for Adam to have an extra curricular activity other than sport, and he thinks the classes are great fun!
Ernie, Ballinlough

This is such a great club especially if your child is into exploring the way things work. Also ideal if your child is not into sports.
Aideen Foley

Dillon looks forward to the club every week, the range of subjects covered keeps him interested and pushes him to explore and search for more information outside of the clubs.
Patrick, Fermoy

My son adores this club and looks forward to going every week. He has met new friends with similar hobbies. He looks forward to going back very soon.
Mia, Fermoy

My son thoroughly enjoyed heading to Designer Minds club every Monday evening. He loved the variety & the tactile aspects of learning & socialising in a really fun way. The teachers were friendly, enthusiastic & interacted with the children, encouraging them to explore and learn for themselves through guided discovery. We will certainly enrol again and would highly recommend.
Leona, Kerry

It was a pleasure to see Ben come out after each session so excited about what they had done that evening. The novelty of something different every week kept him so engaged he didn't realise he was learning as sell as having fun!
Sinead, Killarney

Designer Minds is my son's favourite after school club. He learns something new each week.
Kelly, Listowel

It's the high light of my child's week and she's loves doing some of the experiments at home . I would highly recommend Designer Minds
Catherine, Ballincollig

Eoin has absolutely loved his science club. He looks forward every week to going in. It has developed his curiosity and enthusiasm for all science matters. Thank you so much
Elizabeth, Bandon

Very enjoyable and interesting was the feedback I got from my 9 year old
Dearbhla, Ballinlough

Designer minds gave Chris something to look forward to on a Monday and a great learning curve. He was both interested and intrigued by all the different projects he undertook. Recommended
Susan, Listowel

I loved the fact that we covered a different topic each week with great hands on experiments. The teachers were helpful and friendly. I made new friends and learnt a lot of new things. I'm looking forward to next term!!
Katie, Ballincollig

My 10 yr old really enjoyed the creativity, he is still
Talking about the rollercoaster class.
Annette, Bandon

Benjamin, seven in autumn 2016, was absolutely delighted with the course. At first, we both didn't know what to expect from a course with such such a big name, but after first meeting it was clear Ben's definitely into it. He was even able to share Very Important And Interesting Things with me! Thumbs up for two features of the course in particular. Firstly, it's a great idea to send materials via E-mail prior to the meeting. It gives dads opportunity to bond with kids in a very sensible manner and also lets them prepare and look smart ? Secondly, it's very wise to divide participants into age groups.
Bartosz, Killarney

The Designer Mind club is a fantastic way for our daughter to do what she loves most. This term she especially loved working with the raspberry pie.
Veronika, Ennis

Hi my name is Amy and my son has been attending designer Minds for the last year . He has loved every minute of it and finds it to be a great combination of fun and education. In particular he adores the experiments that they take part in. I would recommend this club to anyone with a child who is interested in science and engineering
Amy, Fermoy

Daniel absolutely loves designer minds...he can't wait for it every week..it's the one activity he genuinely enjoys.
Sarah, Ennis

This is the one after school activity he refuses to miss! Every week is something new and all explained very well. He gets to release his inner scientist without me having to clean up after him!!
Michelle, Bandon

My child has ADHD and yet every week Designer Minds were able to keep his attention and he was able to concentrate for the full hour without feeling bored or disinterested. I would highly recommend it.
Mairead, Shannon

Evan loved the designer minds club. He learned so much from the clubs that he asked to make sure he was registered for the next term.
I'd highly recommend them to any parent looking for a campo for children with the intereste in the topics they cover. All the ,material covered is instructed using relevant items that the kids are interested in
Stephen, Glanmire

Olivia and Clodagh love going to the weekly clubs and are so excited to find out the next weeks topic. Each week they learn something new and this keeps them interested. They are learning about the world in a new and exciting way. They are making friends and are gaining confidence in themselves. The staff are amazing. The equipment they use is fantastic. I cannot recommend Designer Minds enough, best decision we ever made was signing the girls up for this club!
Tanith, Shannon

Designer Minds has ignited a wonder and intrigue in Tadhg. He looks forward to club every Saturday and becomes very animated when telling us about the fun things he has done. It is great for him to have a safe space with like minded kids.
Michelle, Ennis

My son just runs in to his club every week and begged me to sign him up for a second term....he loves everything about it....he's not into sports so this is an ideal outlet for him..highly recommended.
Mairead, Listowel

Emer has been attending Designer minds for over 12 months now and I can say she is getting more and more interested in the topics covered in your classes. Even asking for "Hot Wires" set for Christmas
Helen, Ballincollig

Designer Minds has provided a space for my son to to develop his knowledge and understanding of the world around him in a fun way. with each class he comes home enthused with what he has learned. I feel the program has given him a foundation and love of science and technology that will support and be with him both in school and whatever choices he may make in life
Jilian, Ballinlough

My daughter attended your Science club from Sept 16 and absolutely loved every minute of it. She couldn't wait to get to the club every week! The variety of subjects covered kept her interested and she will be back for next term. Thank you.
Samuel, Carrigaline

Eoin has really enjoyed the clubs and the variety is really good - different topic each week. The equipment provided at the clubs is great - Spheros, Kanos, Tablets
Pat, Killarney

My child really loved his club time and became very confident He loved explaining what he had done in class and the outcome of the experiments
Patricia, Limerick

Fantastic classes, which made STEM learning exciting and practical. Topics very diverse. My son looked forward each week to attending and always delighted with each class.
Janice, Ballinlough

My 10 year son enjoyed this club and made friends he loved the variety of activities and was upset he missed the last few before Christmas (flu) he will definitely be returning thank you
Claire, Ballincollig

This is rorys second year doing designer minds and he loved every second of it .it's fun and educational. From printing their own t-shirts to finding out about bacteria.I. myself enjoyed learning new things.
Evelyn, Rochestown

Our 7 year old really enjoyed the Designer Minds term. He was always excited to tell us all about what he learned and worked on in each class. He can't wait to go back to Designer Minds next term.
T. O'C, Killarney

There hasn't been a single week that Roisin hasn't enjoyed. It's hard for her to pick a favourite. It's so wonderful to hear her talk so animatedly about subjects that she may want to carry forward in the future.
Emma, Killarney

My son loves the because each class so varied and educational
Moira, Listowel

Great educational programme for kids different age. Fantastic possibility to learn about science and technology in a fun way.
Julija, Listowel

My 2 sons love the shannon club they could not wait for each Saturday and enjoyed know what they were doing from week to week . The best club i have signed thrm up to . Deirdre
Deirdre, Shannon

My son loves designer minds, exploring alternative ways to learn new concepts in a fun way, which keeps him engaged 100%.
Sue, cork

Really enjoyable way of learning and challenging in a fun way.
Mary, Fermoy

My 2 boys love this club so much. Every Wednesday they come out full of chat and excitement with what they have done that evening. Every class is different so they are never bored and always learning something new. They can't wait for the new term to start :-)
Bridin, Ballinlough

My son loves going to Science club as he calls it. This is his second year and as last year after Christmas he is already asking when is he going back. As a parent I love that they are encouraged to go at their own pace and diversity is valued.
Sylvia, Carrigaline

My child has been attending designer minds for the past 2 terms. He absolutely loves it and it's definitely his favourite after school activity.
It's engaging, educational and thought provoking.
The teachers are brilliant with the children and very patient.
He is already looking forward to continuing next term.
Rachel, Glanmire

Ryan isn't your typical sports loving child but instead is curious and intrigued how things work and the science behind everything! Designer minds helps answer questions that he has and explores technology through fun! He loved every class and loves the robotics and lego side. Ryan loves wearing the t-shirt he made at Christmas!
Georgina, Glanmire

My daughter runs in the door every Saturday excited to get to grips with that weeks theme
Leah, Shannon

Freya enjoyed every aspect of designer minds. She is looking forward to the new term and learning about science in a fun and exciting environment.
Fiona, Ennis

My 8 year old son loved his Friday evening session in designer minds. He learnt so much about earthquakes,coding and espically loved the electronics. He's going back this term and his 7 year old brother is joining him.
It's learning through play and interaction. Fabulous teachers
Claire, Rochestown

Providing a great mix of material for STEAM, your child can also enjoy the wonders of the world around them, whilst making new friends and having fun. Would highly recommend the clubs.
Adrian, Kinsale

My 6 year old boy bounces into the Club each week - he just loves it so much. It's great to see him so excited. As a parent I also love that we often get activities to do with the children around the weeks topic so I get to learn as well. Fantastic club
Mary, Midleton

It is a great way to stimulate a child's interest in things they may not have had the opportunity to try before. Great way to spend an hour!
Sarah, Limerick

My two sons go cannot wait each week to go to their designer mind after school club. The interactive nature of the club is a great way to learn, without knowing they are doing it.
Frances, Glanmire

My son thoroughly enjoyed Designer Minds programme over the last 12 months and I have recommended it to other friends.
Naomi, Bandon

The club is great. My kids love it. It is well organised and delivered in fantastic way to keep them interested and engaged. They love going every week and learn some stuff that even I didn't know.
Eva, Rochestown

Andrew loves all the stuff (his words) that they do. He finds it very interesting how certain things work and develop( We grew fungus at home.) He looks forward every week to go.
Maureen, Limerick

Club worth every kilometer driving on Saturdays afternoon from Ennis to Shannon. Already sign for next term :)
Barbara, Ennis

Great club really enjoyed it. Learnt loads. Made new friends.
Rory Shannon

Really enjoyable and interesting looking forward to next term
Mairead, Ballinlough

Designer Minds was a great experience at all level. Parents re provided with very detailed and clear information on the subject course logistics and thematic. The programme covers a vary diverse range of subjects, always in a fun manner and the children get the opportunity to experience the topic first hand. Well done to all involved.
Guillaume, Tralee

Daniel joined Designer minds in September 2016...he came out of every class excited and thrilled with all the new information he learned. What was fantastic, it that he learned it in a hands on way..the people who facilitated the course were fantastic.
Elaine, Carrigaline

My little boy loves Designer Minds club. He runs in every Monday and is buzzing when he gets home. It's fun and really interesting. It really broadens the mind and awakens an awareness and curiosity about the science in his environment. I really cannot commend it highly enough.
Siobhan, Tralee

My son has learnt so much at Designer Minds. It has opened up a whole new world for him. A must for any child
Jayne, Ballinlough

' It's the best ever fun' according to my 7 year old. Who would have thought that learning could be so enjoyable. They've covered a very interesting range of subjects which my 7 year daughter has really enjoyed
Elaine, Killarney

my son looks forward to attending designer minds every week, he's curious and is always asking questions, he enjoys learning through the fun experiments and interesting activities, the teachers are creative in their method of mentoring and provoke thought.
Maggie, Rochestown

My little boy absolutely loved every and each class. He was very excited getting ready for the class, reading notes and exploring more on internet. Overall I'm very happy ( and more importantly Euan is! ) with the classes. Great ideas to keep young curious minds occupied! Can't wait for next term
Ag, Bandon

A terrific club. Clodagh age 8 looks forward to it with anticipation every week. There is always something new and exciting to learn. The club has promoted her curiosity at home as well and encouraged her to expand her horizions. Looking forward to next term ?
Cora, Fermoy

My son Olivier was a first time attendee, he enjoyed every moment, every day was interesting, creative and fun, he learned a lot new things
Worth the price paid in 100%
Thank you ?
Renata, Tralee

My 2 Children love Designer Minds camp every week. They even dont mind doing the extra reading beforehand which is like homework on a Friday night!! They cant wait to tell me all about it when they are finished.
Katrina, Limerick

Sean loves designer minds. Each week he finishes class he can't wait for the following week. It has really got him thinking. It brings a smile and joy to his week and behind it all he is learning loads. Would definitely recommend it
Louise, Ballincollig

My son Wojciech likes it so much that at the end of the term he has done presentation and experiment for his classmates .
Tomasz, Limerick

Amelia has really come out of herself now that she has found her "thing". The praise and encouragement she has received from her teachers in the club is great motivation for her to do additional research and experiments at home. She really sees no barriers to her doing anything she wants in STEM. I can't recommend this club enough, especially for girls. Both of her younger brothers can't wait to start the club.
Genevieve, Fermoy

My 8 year old daughter says "It's very interesting." Every time I collected her she was massively excited by whatever experiment or project they had just been learning.
Orla, Ballinlough

My son has benefitted hugely from this club, he can't wait each week for the next club, he has made great friends also, his confidence has grown on school also, thank you designer minds
Teresa, Fermoy

My 11 year son has always been into technology but unfortunately his Mom like many other Moms would not!! So when I heard about Designer Minds I thought this would be right up Toms street. I couldn't have been more right, he joined and not only did it get his technology juices flowing but he loved the maths, Science and the creative side of it too. Designer minds is giving Tom much more than I had anticipated and the best part of it is, he's having so much fun too. He has made so many new friends also and he runs in the door of Designer Minds every week☺
Carolyn, Bandon

This club is fantastic for kids and very well organised. My 8 year old son is just finishing up his first term at the weekly club and I have already signed him up for the Spring term. He looks forward to attending every week and loves learning new topics each week. Its great to find a club that holds his attention and lets him use his imagination. I would highly recommend Designer Minds.
Sonya, Glanmire

Just booked my son Tomas in for a third term.He cannot get enough of Designer Minds. He loves Mondays now because of it! Interesting,relevant topics,Great teachers. Would go myself if I could!!
Mary Enright

Great for growing a strong brain
Sebastien, age 10, Listowel

Designer Minds is the best club around for young people with active minds.
Sam, age 12, Listowel

I like it when we learn loads of things and make new friends. I hope it's on next year. I hope there's even more chemistry next year.
Sean, age 10, Firies

It's really fun. I love Designer Minds. I really like it.
Fiona, age 7, killarney

I liked the brush bots because you get to keep it and it is fun to play with
Emilija, age 9, Killarney

I really love Designer Minds because it teaches you so much about science. I LOVED doing graphic design and Minecraft maths. The explosions in chemical reactions were AWESOME!
Claudia, age 8, Tralee

I like the way everybody gets a turn to speak. I like that we do something different every week. There is nothing I dislike about Designer Minds.
Ellie, Age 8, Tralee

I loved the chemical reactions. I get my hands all foamy!
Maebh, Age 11, Ballylongford

We have a nice teacher. I liked it. We had lots of fun. Wish it could go on but today is the last day so too bad.
Cian, Age 7, Killarney

Designer Minds is REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY (keep saying 'really' for 2 hours) awesome! I would recommend it to just about everyone on the planet. i love it!!!!!

I love Designr Minds. It is so cool!

I like the way we do different topics every week. I think that people should come because it's fun and you learn stuff. My favourite topic was when we made logos.
Sean, age 10, Tralee

My two boys 1st & 3rd class are about to start their 3rd session. They look forward to & adore each class and come out after full of facts to tell us & questions to ask. Helena has great control and they really like her. The class is different on lots of levels opening the minds to subjects they might otherwise not come across until they are older. When I questioned my boys end of last session on what topics they liked best & was surprised how both picked totally different topics one the science classes other the engineerig classes. It would be great if these classes where in primary school too :)

My 4 did this course - aged 5 to 9 years, 2 boys and 2 girls. All enjoyed it very much and learned lots! Helena has great control. It's run like a lab class! The topics are really diverse and highly entertaining. Their minds are definitely opened up. As a scientist myself, I would highly recommend this class. Sounds like it's expensive until you see what it is like. Actually worth every penny!

My daughter loves Designer Minds. She really enjoys all the experiments and has made new friends. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone!

Great experience and fun introduction to science for all ages.

An excellent mix of fun and learning. The perfect activity for kids that don't have much interest in sports, etc. Allow your child to attend, and they will educate you!

Designer Minds gives my son an opportunity to explore and learn in a fun, yet structured environment and he gets to interact with other children who have similar interests. He has no interest in joining sports clubs etc as many of this school friends do, so this class is a great option for him to explore and enjoy hiw own interests.

Excellent course. My son looks forward to going every week.

My son has attended 2 terms of Designer Minds. In that time his natural curiousity has expanded, to help him make connections between the world he lives in, and how science and technology are an integral part of it. Thank you.

The Designer Minds club has been a great outlet for my son, who is very creative and always trying to figure out how things work and why! Designer Minds is a fantastic concept, one I'd recommend immensely.

Absolutely fantastic! He comes home buzzing, explaining what went on in his class. We are all jealous we don't get a chance to attend.

Designer Minds teaches children that science is fun. while making friends at the same time.

Extremely well run for both parents and children. He can't wait for Club on Tuesdays and reads up notes before hand. Wish he was as enthusiastic about school work!

It's fun and it's science!

Designer Minds provides a long-sought after source of interest, knowledge and fun in my passionate 10-year-old. He loves it and so do we!

Excellent club covering a multi-tude of topics to stimulate a child's mind, while having fun and expanding their minds. Thank you.

Helena , thank you just want to let you know your classes get 10 out of 10 as per Pierce. It's fabulous to see the excitement and enthusiasm at learning something new that both inspires and challenges him. Well done I have no hesitation in recommending theses classes to anyone!

My son who's in 4th class attended last term's Designer Minds course, and thoroughly enjoyed every session. We were impressed with the range and variety of subjects covered, and the exciting way they were brought to life that captured the kids' imagination. I recommend Designer Minds to all my friends for their children. He will be back for more!