Summer Camps 2021

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Summer Camps 2021

Experience the Amazing Magic of Science, Design & Technology!

They're Happening!!

The past year has been a year like no other for kids and parents alike. Kids have never been so deserving of a fun & social learning experience. And that’s exactly what we’re going to give them!

We’ve got our usual mix of hands-on, fun, educational STEAM activities for kids this summer, but this time, we’re going outdoors!

So what’s coming up? Coding and Robotics, Sports Science, Circuit Building, Engineering & Design Thinking, Creative Challenges, Architecture, Teambuilding Games, Minecraft and more! Kids never get bored at Designer Minds.


Designer Minds is for the curious kids who like to ask why, the creative kids who love to design and make, the little engineers who like to tinker and build and for the tech kids who love gaming, computers and robots. We’ve got a variety of interactive activities that are designed to be so much fun that children don’t even know they are learning! This year, our new sports science challenges will appeal to aspiring athletes and scientists alike. There is a lot more to sport than the stars we see on screen!

Designer Minds is for the parents who want:

  • to educate their children with a taste of the most sought after 21st century skills - Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Maths - STEAM.
  • to show their kids that learning can be fun.
  • to inspire their children with ideas for new hobbies to continue at home.
  • to give their kids the confidence to know that they too can be scientists, engineers, artists and programmers.

At Designer Minds our aim is to educate, entertain and inspire. We’ll prepare your children for a brighter future.

You will not find a Summer camp experience like Designer Minds anywhere else in the country! What makes us unique is our complimentary mixture of activities. We’re not just a Science camp, an engineering camp, an art camp or a computer camp! We’re all of these combined into one. Through our range of fun lessons, bonding activities and educational challenges, we offer children aged 7-12 years a taste of some of the most sought after and evolving fields of the 21st Century.

Our activities are very interactive, and we use a variety of different learning approaches so that children learn the way they learn best, through doing! Like all of the Designer Minds programs, our primary goal for these camps is to encourage and assist children in recognising their passions, abilities and self-belief. This is particularly true this year! The aim of our new sports science activities is to show children that there is much more to sports than the stars that they see on their screen. We will show children the importance of engineers, analysts, mathematicians and various other STEAM professionals who work behind the scenes. We will show them that sport is for athletes and academics alike.


What to expect from our Summer Camps in 2021

  • Small, exclusive camp with a very limited number of children.
  • An engaging range of STEAM activities: Coding and Robotics, Sports Science, Circuit Building, Engineering & Design Thinking, Creative Challenges, Architecture, Teambuilding Games, Minecraft.
  • Activities will be happen outdoors where possible.
  • An educational eBook full of STEAM activities to try at home.
  • Of course, we will be fully Covid compliant, including regular hand sanitising, small camp size, staying outdoors where possible, sanitising of equipment after each use.

Camp runs for 4 hours daily and costs €125


Immersive Projects where kids learn by doing.


Personalised learning experience in a small pod


Experienced, trained, and Garda-vetted Designer Minds leaders to guide each group


Unlocking the endless opportunities offered by STEAM for kids


Developing key communication & collaboration skills


All activities planned to take place outdoors

Covid-19 Safety Plans

While COVID-19 figures may alleviate over the next few months, we will have strict precautions and procedures in place. We will follow all governmental guidelines to provide a safe and controlled environment for your children to enjoy.

It is vital for any child or parent who is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms to stay at home and get in touch with their GP. Symptoms include but are not limited to a high temperature, a cough, shortness of breath, and/or loss of change to your sense of taste and/or smell. Our leaders will ensure all necessary hygiene and other guidelines are met. They will follow strict procedures to ensure the safe isolation of any child or staff member who exhibits symptoms until it is possible for them to go home.

Our camps may look a little different than those attended in previous years. However, it is our goal to ensure that kids end each day happy and excited about the activities and games that they engaged in throughout the day. We want them to leave eager and enthusiastic about the endless opportunities that STEAM can provide to their future.

We thank you in advance for your co-operation with our safety measures.

Reduced Capacity
Camp sizes have been reduced. Be sure to book early to secure as limited space.

Sanitisation materials such as hand sanitiser and wipes will be available at all of our camps. If your child prefers a particular hand sanitiser or has allergies, please ensure they have their own sanitiser with them at all times.

All of our camps will be in an outdoor, open air space. In the event of adverse weather and if covid guidelines allow it, we will move indoors, where we will maintain strict COVID safety measures

Personal belongings
All personal belongings should be labelled and kept in a bag or backpack. Children should refrain from sharing and touching each other’s belongings.

Guidelines may change over the coming months as the COVID-19 situation evolves.