Designer Minds is for the children who can't stop tinkering with technology, the ones who love learning about nature and how the world works, the kids who love to create, design and draw, the children who are mad for science experiments and those who love building with LEGO! These are the boys AND GIRLS who have the potential to be great scientists, engineers, programmers and designers! Sign them up to one of our clubs or camps for the opportunity to play and learn with like-minded individuals.

We teach children about Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Maths. We do this by giving them hands-on challenges or experiments to complete, providing them with the materials they need, and then guiding them through the process. We aim to broaden children’s horizons and give them opportunities to explore topics and use equipment that may not be available at school. But, there are no tests or grades! At Designer Minds, we want the learning process to be entertaining and enjoyable. Children have FUN!

We run events nationwide. A complete list of each of our locations can be found on the camps and clubs pages of this website. 

Our subjects are Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths (STEAM). We are unique in that we provide a taste of all the STEAM topics using a huge variety of equipment and materials.

At Designer Minds kids will do science experiments and explore topics such as rocket science, forces and motion, the human body, bacteria, chemical reactions, and more. Our technology projects involve making children aware of technology in our everyday world. We want to show children how to be creative with technology. We explore augmented reality and robotics, build circuits, design stop motion movies, learn about coding and we even use Minecraft to teach Maths! Our engineering projects include building bridges, skyscrapers, mazes and many other structures using different materials. Children also carry out design projects as creativity is an important skill for any budding scientist, engineer or computer whizz to master!

We bring a fantastic supply of equipment to our lessons; robots, microscopes, tablets, LEGO®, k'nex, electronics, raspberry pi’s, art supplies, science materials and more. We want to give children the opportunity to use many different types of materials and technologies which are not always available at school.