Why Kids Love Engineering

Why Kids Love Engineering

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Naturally, children are curious and it is often in the direction of their curiosity that we will see their passions emerge. If we’re being totally frank, for parents, the bombardment of questions from our beloved children can become stressful at times. When we’re just trying to cook a meal or build a piece of furniture, providing the answers to all of our child's questions may not always be too easy. However, nurturing their curiosity often feeds their interests even more! It may lead to us parents having to lean on Google at times, but we do it for our little love, right?

So what can the questions from our kids tell us about their future? Well, you might notice that children’s questions, whether really broad, or really specific can travel in various directions. Say you give your children a toy car for example. One child may be really intrigued in the colours, the design of the car. The make, the finish, the beauty. Another may choose to pull it apart almost immediately to understand the why behind what makes it move. Both these behaviours in our children can tell us a great deal about their interests. If we were to make a prediction about both children, it may be said that the first child would lean towards a focus on the art, whereas the second child… the engineering.


It's fantastic when parents can spot these interests bubbling up in their child. A busy parent could easily misinterpret a child breaking apart their new (expensive!) toy as sheer destruction. However, when paired with an understanding of their curiosity, we know they are likely to be an amazing little engineer on a mission to understand! These 'destructive' children often have an innate interest in Engineering and when that interest is acknowledged by parents, it can lead to awesome avenues for the child. We believe these early piques of interests should be nurtured, fostered and fed. By first acknowledging the child's interests we can find ways to excite and satisfy their cravings for knowledge. We might even save some innocent toys from being dismantled along the way!

We can encourage these children and fuel their curiosity by encouraging them to engage in activities that will challenge them! We’ve included a couple of our favourite engineering challenges below for you and your curious Designers to try out! These kids can also benefit hugely from being around like-minded individuals, discussing, debating and testing their ideas and visions.
At Designer Minds nurturing young engineers is our forte. We run fun, interactive, hands-on Science, Design and Technology clubs, camps and workshops for primary kids. We're preparing children for a brighter future. Right now, we have lots of online clubs including ‘Engineers to the Rescue’. This is a five-week club dedicated to taking our little designers on the engineering journey of their lives!!
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Designer Minds Weekly Clubs are for the curious kids who like to ask why, the creative kids who love to design and make, the little engineers who like to tinker and build and for the tech kids who love technology, computers and robots. We’ve got a variety of interactive activities that are designed to be so much fun that children don’t even know they are learning!

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