The Power and Advantages of Online Learning

The Power and Advantages of Online Learning

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Growth in online clubs, started somewhat out of necessity, but now we are seeing a massive growth in them across the world. This growth is said to continue long after in-person clubs return… Why? Because people are starting to love the added bonuses and flexibility that Virtual Clubs offer. We’ve broken down some of the benefits online clubs can provide below.

1. Ability To Adjust

Through the portal of online clubs, we are no longer faced with the barriers of time and distance. This allows students and children to foster safe connections with other children all over the world. Children that are exposed to positive supervised experiences, will be offered an expanded perspective of open mindedness and cultural awareness.

Not only do children reap the personal developments rewards through their participation in online clubs, but they also gain very practical skills. Let's think about Technology, for one. Children are shifting from being in a room led by an adult leader, to having responsibility for their own technology, adjusting to new ways of communicating. This skill is something that will benefit them in their future education, training and careers, making virtual connection an opportunity and skill as opposed to an obstacle in their lives.

2. Positive Social Experiences

For some, a room of 32 children can be a daunting environment. Shy or socially anxious children can struggle to find their voice and confidence in such an environment, particularly when it's a new experience. In cases like this, an online club can be the perfect first step for a child in building their social interactions with other like-minded children. Online clubs allow children to enjoy the comforts of their own home, while also allowing them the opportunity to engage socially. Children have more opportunity to grow their confidence and social skills at their own pace.

Online clubs often facilitate smaller groups. At Designer Minds, our virtual clubs are run with a maximum of just eight children to one Leader. This smaller number allows for a productive, fun, and engaging group discussion. The classes also allow an additional fifteen minutes to allow for positive and focused engagement between leaders and children. Empowering children to slowly build their confidence in safe and positive online social scenarios.

3. Student Comprehension

When Forbes interviewed Biology instructor, Becky Cary , she noted that the switch to online learning has made it easier to understand when students hadn’t understood a concept. More often than not in a large classroom environment, when posing questions to a class, the child with the highest comprehension of the topic will respond. This can make room for peer assisted learning (which is great!) On the other hand, it can also give a leader/teacher a skewed perception as to the class's overall understanding of the topic. In a virtual environment, the fear of speaking up can be worked around by using the polling functionality, which, for Becky, resulted in a skyrocket of engagement numbers in addition to a much better understanding of overall class comprehension.

Online Clubs also allow Leaders to have the undivided attention of the children when outlining a challenge or explaining a task. Through the use of technology, focus can immediately switch from discussion, or show and tell to listening and understanding instruction. Less room for distraction for children at moments when focus is needed.


"Virtual Clubs also allow Leaders to have the undivided attention of the children when outlining a challenge or explaining a task."

4. What to look for in an Online Club

For a parent navigating online clubs for the first time, it can be daunting to figure out which are safe, interesting, fun and offer the same level of social engagement for children as an after-school club would offer. Here's some questions you can ask yourself when deciding on a club!

Is it safe ?

It's important to look into the Company that hosts the virtual club. Are the leaders of the Club vetted by police, trained and reputable?

Will it be socially stimulating?

When looking for an online club, you want to look for one that will encourage a two-way discussion and 1:1 support. To get the most fun and social engagement for your child you want to be attending a club that is live and encourages interaction. Some classes are run on an online video basis, often sharing a series of videos to kids with little social stimulation. Look for clubs run through Zoom or other live video platforms, that way you know it will likely be a Club environment.

What are the class sizes?

While offline Clubs can work well with 30+ children in any given class, online classes tend to work better with less children. At Designer Minds, we think 8 children to one leader is optimal to ensure valuable learning, engagement and excitement. Be sure to double check the class sizes of Clubs before signing up. You want to know your child will be seen and heard.
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