Is This The Secret To Building Happiness and Confidence in Your Kids?

Is This The Secret To Building Happiness and Confidence in Your Kids?

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Designer Minds have been running after school clubs and camps for quite a while now. Over this time, our team has spoken to more parents than we can count. One thing that stands out every time, is the happiness the after school clubs and camps bring to their children. For those of you who are new to the club and camp scene, STEAM scene or just want to know more, this one’s for you. We want to share some of the best bits Afterschool STEAM Clubs and camps can bring your child (virtually or in real life!) Let us know if you agree!

Sociable Confident Kids

We often have children attending clubs and camps who may come from the same primary school, but we also have seen clubs and camps full of little designers from lots of different schools mixing, socializing and buzzing on shared excitement. Mixing with existing or indeed new friends in a fresh environment helps children learn to share and appreciate each other’s talents and abilities. Quite often they will find themselves bonding with other children much more than they would have in a school setting, often because they are now with like-minded individuals. So many children come out of their shells in an environment that inspires and excites them.

Here’s what the parents had to say…

"Thank you so much my 10 year old had a great week. He loved the activities, staff, made lots of new friends. Each night he'd talk and talk about the great day he had. He was so keen each morning to go back he was up, breakfast, washed, dressed and made his own packed lunch before I was even up."

Enjoying Academia

At school children can get lost in the siloed format of education when they may struggle to get their heads around how their syllabus will actually help them in real life. It may spark them to ask ‘Why’... "Why are we learning this?", "Why do we need to know this"... maybe even, "Why should I care?"

Learning in a way that focuses on testing or results as a way of tracking progress can sometimes mean that our little brainiacs forget to have fun with learning. They may also not have a grasp as to how all of the combined topics will help them one day in real life experiences. At our Designer Minds STEAM Clubs and Camps, kids can just let go. Have fun, and find their interests and love for the subjects naturally. Topics are combined and children are challenged to resolve real life problems with skills they’ve learned across all topics. This hands-on learning approach gives children a newfound love and outlook for STEAM subjects. They may then even return to the classroom environment with more excitement on a topic than they ever had before.

"My daughter absolutely loved the camp, she came home every day full of excitement regaling us with each days adventures. I wish school would engage her as much. She has now decided she wants to be a forensic scientist! I couldn't recommend this camp highly enough, the perfect blend of education and fun. Thank you very much, we will be back :)"

Happier Kids

As parents, we would all rather our children to find a hobby they love. A productive outlet they can truly have fun with in the evening, something that takes them away from their television or ipad. Even if it is through virtual connection, children being able to escape the mundane routine of the evening to engage with exciting activities leaves them feeling excited and fulfilled! Not to mention, it's a much safer option than some of the mischief our little ones can get up to when bored!

The Clubs and Camps can often ignite a passion in children that they didn’t even know they had. Sparking a chain of interest that could continue through their lifetime. Shaping their curious minds and opening it up to lots of new possibilities they didn't see before. As they say, if you can’t see it you can’t achieve it. The clubs and mentors often inspire the children to feel safe in their excitement and passions, allowing them to exponentially grow!

"I’ve never seen Scott and his friends enjoy anything as much. They learn loads but have a ball doing so. He’s always so excited to show us what he has learnt and has even demonstrated to his class in school!"
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Designer Minds Clubs

Designer Minds Weekly Clubs are for the curious kids who like to ask why, the creative kids who love to design and make, the little engineers who like to tinker and build and for the tech kids who love technology, computers and robots. We’ve got a variety of interactive activities that are designed to be so much fun that children don’t even know they are learning!

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