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My child had lots of fun in the course and the instructor was very patient and supportive even when we had a technical issue on our end. He suggested how we could continue with the course and it worked perfectly. My son would love to do more courses of this type!

My son really loved this class. Kim was SO patient and helpful. The group was small and each kid got lots of input. It's a fabulous idea and really well organised! Will be signing up for course 2!

Diarmuid loved his Lego Masters course, it changed his enjoyment in Lego from following Lego pack to using his imagination.

My son loved his DM days - he learned so much and had great fun all along the way!

The Minecraft Masters online club was excellent! My daughter was excited to attend each week and motivated to practice her ideas between classes. The themed builds really sparked her creativity and got her thinking outside of the box about what she could accomplish in Minecraft. I would highly recommend this club!

I loved Minecraft Masters Club becasue during the challenges you can let your imagination go wild. You get great tips from other people who have been doing Minecraft longer than you.

This was the perfect club for my son as he loves Minecraft. The format of online was perfect for him, the leader was really clear at explaining and including everyone. The size of the group was ideal. He loved it all!

My son was very happy with the activities and about meeting friends.

This course was an excellent experience for Mia. Very well delivered with great involvement of the students.

A very user-friendly introduction to Scratch Coding by the Designer Minds Team! The small online class helped the teacher to keep on top of everyone’s progress and it allowed for very relaxed and fun interactions between the kids. They successfully covered a lot in the 5 week period. Would highly recommend to any child interested in coding.

I really enjoyed it because you learned something fun

Ben thoroughly enjoyed the Minecraft Master Club. He can't wait for the next one. Thanks.

We really enjoy and learn new things.
Thanks to Katie

My child absolutely loved the online Anime class. Each week she couldn't wait to log on and join the class. The teacher (Cara) was fantastic at explaining each step along the way and was great with the kids! I have one very happy child. Thank you Designer Minds!

Ben thoroughly enjoyed the Game Design Programme. It was great that it wasn't too short each week. He interacted well with the others and the leader was very helpful and friendly with the kids.

I could not fault this online class. It was absolutely excellent and that was down to the teacher. He had so much patience and time for the kids. No question was dismissed or deemed irrelevant. This created a lovely safe environment for the kids to ask questions without fear of looking silly for not knowing the answer. My son learned so much from this course and it has given him a great insight into the world of computing and coding. As a Software Engineer myself it was great to see the concepts of coding covered in such a fun and engaging way. It will no doubt stand to him long term.

Thank you so much an amazing lessons my childrens love it! Now they can create and imagine all they want.
Thank you at the two great teachers.

My kids loved the coding. They kept wanting to practice. The teacher was so patient and made sure to give them all the attention they needed. It gave them such confidence.

Oisin loved his online Minecraft Club with Michael. The whole class seemed to bond together to help each other and have fun. Thank you!

My son learned and enjoyed his Roblox classes online so much. Thank you.

My child loved the fun aspect of creating roblox and will continue to use it.

My daughter says that she really liked it and enjoyed the interaction with other children

Louie loved the minecraft club, will definitely do it again. Highly recommend Designerminds. Can't wait for the after school club to re start. The leader was good fun and super patient. Well done to all and keep up the hard work.

My son hugely enjoyed this class; it was great exposure to a different use of 'screen time' other than passive viewing or gaming.

Class group was small, leader very engaging and fun. The time flew by. Lots of new practical skills learned and passed on to others.

The course was great and enjoyable.

The Roblox club was great. Ríseal learned so much and developed new skills all while having fun and making friends

My son really enjoyed his coding course, he really looked forward to it and was so excited to show us what he had done!

My son loved this course. He was able to follow the instructions given by the teacher. He enjoyed the learning and social side of the course. He is excited about a part 3!

Kids really loved the small classes, chance to ask questions irectly to instructor, very personable approach & already signed up to Roblox 2 Course!

Ben loved this course . He had a little bit of experience using scratch as he had done some of the tutorials on the scratch website , however he still learned a lot and he can’t wait to do scratch 2. It was a great way to show my son how online games irk instead of just playing them. He met others as well and learned to talk about his ideas to others in a group session.

Izzy really loved the new experience of the Coding course online. It was her own thing and it so great to see what she was able to learn after each class.

The teacher is always helpful and he motivates the children with extra support. Highly recommended if someone interested coding and Roblox. This is huge fun how to learn something special knowledge as a play the games.

My son really loved the online course and the interaction between the tutor and the other kids was fantastic. He already wants to do another one !

Aidan really enjoyed the camp, the interaction and it sparked his imagination. He is ready for more !

My son really enjoyed the online club..

Our son recently completed scratch level 2 and really enjoyed it and for the first time ever worked at it on his own in between classes which is a big sign of what a great motivational and inspiring course it was. Big thanks to his teacher Niamh, we are hoping that Designer Minds will consider running a scratch Level 3 as the spark has well and truly been lit with levels 1 & 2 & it would be great to expand on it.

My daughter Serena really enjoyed her Roblox course. She was very proud that by the end of the 4 days she’d made her own game, played it and launched it live. Gave her great confidence.

Very good set up, my son really enjoyed it.

Chloe really enjoyed this course and would definitely love to partake in another in the future

The Scratch Coding 1 and 2 camps during the Easter holidays were a wonderful opportunity for my son, Will, to learn in a fun and interesting way. Niamh ran the webinars in a tightly structured and productive way that allowed her young learners to confidently follow the programme as well as have fun and be creative. Will can't wait for the next opportunity. Thank you Designer Minds!

The online class was a great way for my child to have fun interaction with other children while in-person camps are not available. The course leader had great content and made sure all children were heard.

Aaron really enjoyed the course. He learned a lot about how coding works and looked forward to the class every week. He enjoyed coding the simple games & being able to play them afterwards.

Frank absolutely loved the course! He is looking forward to do the next course :)

Just a quick word of thanks for a great course . Ben really really enjoyed it once he go into it . The instructor was so professional and yet able to interact perfectly with 12 year old boys . Will definitely be recommending the course .

Well done and thank you

Great service in time of social need for kids

Abbie loves the camps she really looks forward to them each week. They help her be more creative with what she already enjoys

My son thoroughly enjoyed this online Desingerminds course. The instructor showed great patience and made it easy for my son to follow along and get a sense of achievement. He loved showing me what he learned during class and was looking forward to a new class every week. I highly recommend this class to anyone interested in Scratch.

Elenore felt she learned so much that will help her in the future. She thinks 3D will be really important. She had a lot of fun and would love to try another course.

Nicely organised , interactive and kids really loves new things they learn.

Sean absolutely loved his engineering course. He was up ready to go early every Saturday morning all excited. The experiments usually continued through out the day between himself and his brothers. They didn’t realise that they were learning as they went which was brilliant!

We got to build things that we chose, and look at others builds as well.
Sean 8

Eric impressed himself being able to do stuff on the computer

Eoin really enjoyed the course, he enjoyed the different themes each day and seeing what everyone else did and how they did it. He is mad keen to do another one.

My child says this graphic design class was very interesting and she loved the creative aspects of it.

Abbie loved her week with Niamh, so much so we signed her up to do the 5week term after Easter.

I really enjoyed it because I never did game designing before and it was a great start for me..

Our son loved the Lego Masters club! We live overseas so it was great for him to take part in a course with Irish kids. From saying very little on the first week, our son blossomed and chatted lots in the last week. The leader did a great job in including all the kids, helping them to explore their ideas, and giving them tips on presenting what they had built. We will definitely be back for another course!

Maya enjoyed this course so much! I really really hope there will be a second course like that.

My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the ‘Engineers to the Rescue’ course. She learned lots through the activities and was excited to attend each week. She loved it so much that we booked another course before she had even finished the first.

My girls felt they were learning but still having fun.This meant a lot when it was on zoom.

My son took part in the Lego stop motion, online camp. He really enjoyed it. He learned so much every week. He was making some great stop motion shows and even taught his sister how to do a few. Would highly recommend this camp as it’s great for a child’s creativity and also anyone who has a love of Lego.

David was a fantastic instructor and very good with the kids. My daughter really enjoyed this course.

My son(age 10) completed the Introduction to Scratch course 1 online and really enjoyed the experience. His teacher David was very patient and competent and able to assist children at all levels at the same time. We will definitely be booking again!

What a fantastic course. Very well run and my daughter loved it. Even having to set an alarm on Saturday mornings! She loved letting her friends play the game she developed and she can't wait to do the level 2 course.

Can't recommend highly enough
Eamonn G

My daughter loved the introduction to coding class so much
It is the first zoom class that she has stuck with and enjoyed. She made new friends and learned so much she is very proud of what she created. The teacher was great fun and really got the kids attention. I would highly recommend Designer Minds

Really great tuition, the teacher was very engaging and supportive of each child, had a relaxed and playful manner.

My 9 year old girl really enjoyed the course. We will definitely do another course soon. I have told other parents about the course and they have since joined up.

Thanks so much we really enjoyed it... The teacher was great, so lovely and kind, patient and was able to help and guide them so well. Jack really enjoyed the challenges and worked hard on his lego during the week in order to be ready for Friday afternoon. Massive thanks again x

Zach had an amazing time at the Lego Masters. It provided a wonderful space for him to quietly be creative and it's such an empowering thing for kids to tell each other how good they are doing. The leader was absolutely amazing - she was patient, kind and generally fantastic.

Excellent sessions so engaging. Thanks so much to all at DM especially Michael for all his support during the Roblox course. My girl is excited to about the follow up course already.

Excellent course. Teacher was great with the children and talked them through any difficulties. We have learned alot.

Logan loved every minute of it and the leader was so patient and knowledgeable.

My son thoroughly enjoyed the Roblox course. The teacher was great with the children and explained the instructions very well. My son enjoyed chatting to like minded peers and always came off the course on a high. I will definitely buy more courses for my son with designer minds.

My son loved the introduction to coding course with scratch. It was his first time taking part in a designer minds course but I will definitely be signing him up for more. The online course was well structured and interesting. The course leader was great at getting the kids to interact even though it was online.

My child thoroughly enjoyed this club. It got her thinking in a different way to come up with solutions to build & create. Keep up the great ideas!!

My son really liked the club and waited for it everyday. The club was engaging and the fornat appropriate. He enjoyed it a lot!

The course was engaging, fun and interactive. A must for any child with an interest in improving their technology skills.

Harry really enjoyed the club. The class was great fun, he was in a group of lovely friendly children. He enjoyed learning every week and the games and interaction. Time given to each child to ensure they were comfortable with what they had learnt and the teacher was patient and friendly. He can’t wait to sign up for another course and has everything crossed that summer camps will go ahead this year!


My daughter had a fantastic experience with this course. She found it very enjoyable and sociable while learning to code.

My son has joined and completed various courses in the STEM theme but this was the only once he was enthusiastic and excited about. The instructor was very clear and very involved vocally during each session and there was just enough to give sense of a small gang building lego together . Would not hesitate to recommend or join again.

Super course for Roblox fans and those who enjoy gaming in general. My son did the course over 5 consecutive days during lockdown and was totally immersed and excited by it. He was clock-watching for the course to begin each day and as the week went on, he had learned so much about creating his own game that he was at it first thing in the morning (expanding & refining it). The course leader was knowledgeable, patient & encouraged the children to have fun whilst still ensuring they stayed focused on the job at hand. It was very interactive and engaging. Simple to access over Zoom. Highly recommended

Daniel really enjoyed the course and learned a lot about scratch programming. He is keen to continue to learn more. I’m happy that he has learned a new skill especially during the lockdown period.

Frank loved the course 1 and he asked me to book the following course straight away! I'm delighted he enjoyed it so much :)

The learning experience was excellent. They covered lots of material but in a fun and relaxed way. It was great to see her socialising and making new friends.

My daughter would get immersed in the activities every week and was very proud of what she produced. Very well run, and lots of fun.

My son was so looking forward to the course. We( parents) were a bit slow to get all organised for the course but once he figured it out, he loved it!!!
Thanks to the whole team at Designer Minds..Already looking forward to the next course

My son LOVED this course. I was a bit skeptical about how it would work for children online learning. I needn’t have worried. Small group, super teacher and engaged children. All boxes ticked.

My son loved his Designer Minds online course. In his words it was well paced & you had time to do the tasks. He liked the sharing element of the course and felt he could get inspiration from the other club goer. His teacher explained everything really well and all instructions were easy to follow. He enjoyed making his Lego movie and “shorts”. Thank you.

The course was outstanding. It's very cleverly put together having a story behind every week that joins up each week. Louise is an ideal instructor, so kind & calm while also being fun and getting the participants to enjoy the interaction.

My son thoroughly enjoyed the club and can't wait for the next one.

The weekly online club was something my son looked forward to every week. He was really engaged and enjoyed all building, he made sure we had all the supplies ready in advance each week.

I thought it was great because you get to meet people with the same thoughts and likes as you. And you can meet some nice people and try out different engineering projects. I like the experiments we did.

Conor, really enjoyed the online club. He looked forward to the weekly session, making sure he had all the materials required himself. The facilitator was engaging, encouraging and had a friendly easy manner. Thank you.

Abigail really enjoyed the class, the tutor was really engaging, enthusiastic and encouraging.

Keelan really enjoyed the Lego Masters club and is really looking forward to his next Designer Minds club. The club was very well run and he enjoyed meeting the other kids in the club.

A brilliant club that really allowed my child to have great interactions with other kids, while also keeping safe during COVID lockdown. Really enthusiastic leader and great weekly challenges.

She really enjoyed the course and the team leader was excellent very patient and involved all the children

My son thoroughly enjoyed online game design course with Designers Minds and is eager to do the follow up to this. The instructor was excellent interacting with him and met him were he was at and then challenged. The Monday to Friday really suited him and he enjoyed doing this every day and really looked forward to it. It also provided him with some structure to his day given the current Climate! 10/10

My son absolutely loved the class and looked forward to it every week.

The Designer Minds Roblox classes have been the highlight of Josh’s week from day one! It’s so good to hear him talking animatedly with like minded kids. He’s also learned loads and has taken a huge amount of pride in being able to create his own worlds. We’ve already signed up for the next classes.

Oisin really enjoyed the course and found his instructor very helpful and his fellow class mates good fun.

Michael really connected with the kids. My son is usually very shy but he enjoyed this club immensely although he didn’t know anybody. Michael was patient with the kids and explained the topic very effectively. Fintan will be back for more.

Connor absolutely loved this course, it was the highlight of he week and the perfect tonic to the monotony of lockdown.

My son thoroughly enjoyed this class and he learned so much over the course of the five weeks. Michael was so patient and explained everything very well. The small class sizes meant that every child could contribute to the class and share their questions and results with each other. I highly recommend this class to other kids interested in coding!

James loved the Scratch Introduction Course with Michael. He learned lots of tips and tricks, how to create lots of fun animations and how to troubleshoot the code.

Having attended Designer Minds summer camps before, I expected my son to enjoy this but he absolutely loved it and can't wait for the next course to start. With so little to look forward to or to structure kids' time at the moment, I can't recommend this enough. The highlight of his week. As a parent I am so happy that screen time can be educational as well as something he really enjoys!

Aaron Kennedy loved the Introduction to Coding with Scratch. The instructor was brilliant with the kids and so supportive when they got stuck on certain things. Would highly recommend it.

My son liked that the information was easy to understand and his tutor was helpful. He’s looking forward to the next set of classes.

My son thought the course was brilliant. He couldn’t wait every week to do it and was Absolutley buzzing after every one. Thanks to the great Designer Minds Team.

Very well run, organised and thought out program. My 8 year old was captivated from start to finish every day, loved every second of it and is already eyeing up his next online designer minds program