• 5 Tips for Empowering Girls into a Path in STEM

    A recent report by Microsoft stated that girls and young women are still less likely to pursue education and careers in science, technology, engineering and math. 58% of female students believe that jobs that require programming and coding are “not for them”. As a parent, you want your child to believe they can be anything they set their minds to, so while maybe not surprising, it is a disappointing revelation for progressive parents with young girls today. We want to change the history books for our children, and we can! This Microsoft report has inspired us to pull together some of the tips to help empower our young girls in knowing they can be game changers in STEAM.

  • Design Thinking: It Starts with Empathy


  • Is This The Secret To Building Happiness and Confidence in Your Kids?

    Designer Minds have been running after school clubs for quite a while now. Over this time, our team has spoken to more parents than we can count. One thing that stands out every time, is the happiness the after school clubs and camps bring to their children. For those of you who are new to the club scene, STEAM scene or just want to know more, this one’s for you. We want to share some of the best bits Afterschool STEAM Clubs can bring your child (virtually or in real life!) Let us know if you agree!

  • STEAM - The What and Why Explained

    In this blog post, we explore what STEAM stands for, and how developing skills in STEAM topics can help your child's development. Creativity and team-work are two skills which can flourish through STEAM... but why else is STEAM important for your child?

  • The Power and Advantages of Online Learning

    Growth in online clubs, started somewhat out of necessity, but now we are seeing a massive growth in them across the world. This growth is said to continue long after in-person clubs return. Why? Because people are starting to love the added bonuses and flexibility that online clubs offer. We’ve broken some of the benefits online clubs can provide below.

  • The Truth About Online Kids Clubs

  • Wellbeing In Children - (5 Steps To Happiness)

    This blog discusses five proven steps to establish happier minds for parents and children.

  • Why Kids Love Engineering

  • Why Kids Love Video Games